Monday, January 11, 2010

Farm Show 2010

All you other "crazy chicken ladies" will enjoy this post!!

Hubbs and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. This is an annual January expo that highlights PA agriculture. It is held in our huge State Farm Show complex....and it is indoors. Thank goodness, because Farm Show week is usually the coldest week of the year.

For us the highlights are the milkshakes, baked potatoes and the chickens. We worked our way through the displays of dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, goats, horses, alpaca, rabbits and pigs...and finally found the birds.

Wouldn't this guy make a great pal for Rod?
I did a bit of dreaming (planning) for birds that I would love to add this summer.
On the list are a couple of geese,
more ducks, turkeys
and bantam (tiny sized) chickens.
We were mesmerized by these frizzles....
how about a frizzle turken.....
Here are a few bantam varieties that I liked.....
Old English game birds are tiny, tiny chickens on very long legs.
Aren't these roosters handsome? They are also bantams.

Now I just have to think about how to re-organize my henhouses!


  1. who you callin' a crazy chicken lady? Not one of them had a diaper on, go figure.

    Those birds are adorable! I can only imagine the amount of poultry I would have if money and time allowed.....

    Stay warm!

  2. Oh my... I had no idea there were that many chicken breeds out there. Most of them are really beautiful birds. The turkey is a very handsome fella. My youngest would love his feathers... she collects them, among other things... :-)

  3. Beautiful birds! The colors and markings on them are very unique and so pretty. The first one would make a great pal for Rod! I'm curious, what would you name him?

  4. What wonderful photos of all the different chickens wow they are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, being a city gal sure is nice. My grandmother had chickens when I was a kid and I loved feeding them and getting the eggs. I did not like it when she would say we are having chicken for dinner. Ouch....

  5. Oh, that fellow would most assuredly be Mick Jagger!!!

  6. Oh my , here I was thinking of adding one or two more to my tiny flock. Now look at all the choices. Well a big thank you goes out to you for I have got the courage to start my blog. Absolutly don't know what I am doing but hopefully I'll learn. Thanks so much for the courage.

  7. WOW...I think you're past reorganization..better think about building instead..there certainly were some beauties there

  8. Ha! Mick Jagger! I love it! I hope you get him! He is divine and that name...too much!

  9. Oh my! Those are definitely some different looking chickens!


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