Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

Most of us along the East coast have received a good dose of holiday snow this weekend. I thought I would share just a few pictures from around the farm. We all love the snow so much...that is everyone but the goats, chickens, and guineas. They stay indoors and just look out at the stuff, while the rest of us romp and play....
Looks like we'll have a white Christmas, after all!


  1. Pretty, pretty!! I had snow, then ice and more snow. The worst of the storm just skimmed me as it headed to North Carolina and up your way. It's spitting snow right now but should clear out by Monday I think.

    I love the picture of the cabin with the snow on the roof..that's picture perfect! :0)

    Hugs, Steph

  2. Your photo's are always so beautiful! Especially the snowy ones. Everything looks so magical and untouched.... Enjoy your white Christmas!

  3. Bev it looks so beautiful! The big's look like someone dusted them with confectioners sugar. We had flurries in the forecast, but nothing happened... But then again, this is Alabama and not much is expected to happen in the "snow department"...

  4. We got slammed with the snow last night and this morning. It is all so pretty though. Enjoy it. I posted a few pictures on my blog too. It's so peaceful.

  5. I love the picture of the big furry cat!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. I just love looking at snow scene pictures. The snow makes things look so magical. We on the other hand have temperatures in the 70's.

  7. Magic what a great set of photos. I love your pus tapping the snow. We once had a dog who would roll little snowballs and throw them up in the air to catch and eat them. We only rarely get snow here, and where I grew up on the Australian mainland. Enjoy your white Christmas. We have no idea what ours will

  8. Bev, the pictures are beautiful. I feel slighted. LOL We haven't had any snow. It seems like the storm hit the eastern seaboard and went out to sea around Boston. We were ready for it. That was the problem. If we had been lazy, not getting wood in etc we would have gotten slammed. Enjoy your White Christmas!

  9. Hi there! I just found your blog and I am so excited! It has been so much fun reading about everything. We have chickens and honeybees too, but no horses or goats since we do not have that much land. Your Rod Stewart is what we had at one time and we called it the hippie chicken! It has been so much fun reading everything, and I look forward to coming back again. Your snow photos are beautiful as well as your sunrise pictures!!
    Happy Holidays!

  10. Oh Bev,
    how wonderful your "White Christmas" looks! We are still wet & soggy over here, but according the the weather reporters we might, maybe, get a light dusting of snow in time for Christmas....unlike the last 2 Winters when we were nearly snowed in! lol! Becareful what I wish for huh!
    Merry Christmas to you & yours from our neck of the woods to yours!


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