Friday, December 11, 2009

The Long And The Short Of It....

Yes I was absent post....the first missed post in a very long time. Forgive me. I have only one excuse....OBE (that's overcome by events). The Christmas season has brought with it lots of entertaining. Much of my time these days has been filled with cooking and cleaning....which has the creative side of my brain much neglected. The animals will tell you that I have not neglected them. In fact, I have been furiously cleaning henhouses (yes in this frigid weather) and horse stalls, etc. Unfortunately, I have neglected to carry my camera.

So the subject of the long and the short of it comes into play in many ways. For instance, we are rapidly approaching the shortest day of the year. It seems that no sooner do I get the morning chores finished, than the sun begins to sink into the horizon again. My chore list is long, but the days are so short.

These short days have had no effect on my chickens....they are laying like gangbusters. We are selling our eggs, and still seem to have some left at the end of each week. Hubbs and I are eating deviled eggs like candy. Come to visit us and I guarantee you will be served some deviled eggs (and sent home with a dozen eggs, too!)

So on the subject of eggs and the long and short of about these??
I am not sure why on some days we have such a wide variety of sizes. I can't bring myself to eat that tiny egg on the's just way too cute.

Well, in a matter of a couple of weeks we will pass the shortest day of the year, and then the days will begin to get longer again. The question is....will my list ever get any shorter?


  1. I fear your list will always be long because you will fill in any blank spaces with another activity..I know the animals are happy with their pristine homes..lucky critters

  2. Probably not. I feel like there just aren't enough hours to do all you need to and want to do in a day. It usually ends up being one or the other and then catch up afterwards.


  3. You always make me laugh and smile when I read your posts. I hope you don't get sick of EGGS. I wouldn't eat that cute, little egg either. It makes me wonder why when I buy eggs at the grocery store they are all pretty much alike. What do they do with the odd sizes, shapes and colors? I feel much better today Hubs and I went out and did our first Christmas shopping for gifts. It's good to get some gifts done - I hope to finish up this Monday. Tomorrow is baking the sugar cookies. Since we are retired now we don't go to the stores on the weekends anymore - we can shop during the week when it isn't as busy. Don't worry if you miss a day posting I certainly understand. So far I haven't missed a day posting since I started my blog in November BUT...I'm sure there will come a day I won't be able to do a post. Have a great day Bev!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. I keep praying for an extra hour but God says I would just fill it up with another critter ot quilt project!

  5. The days are SO short aren't they? The list I've made myself for winter is so long, that I don't think winter will be long enough! Thanks for the reminder though that the shortest day will be here soon, and then the days will seem longer!

    Your eggs are so sweet! I know when I get a little one like that, I have a hard time eating it, cause of the cute factor.

    My girls are still laying pretty good even in the cold dark weather.

    It must mean they are loved and taken care of well like yours.

  6. A year ago, I gave my daughter's boyfriend an enormous egg to take home to his parents (It was like a goose egg-but from a hen!) They STILL have it and take it out to show people when they have company! They say, "Hey, wanna see an egg?" then they take it out and show it off. Funny how eggs can make people amazed!

  7. The eggs are ADORABLE! And no, the list will never get shorter. :)

  8. Just found you. Love your blog, your farm and your critters. This blog is a keeper.


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