Friday, December 18, 2009

Important Duties

I posted a picture a few months back of a lovely cat who lives on our farm. We call her boots, because of the white sock on each of her legs. She is not one of our barn kitties (well, not officially), but she eats her meals in the barn (she's quite stealthy....eating only when I have left the barn), and I think she sleeps in the barn (I often hear a flurry of kittty footsteps up in the hayloft when I first come into the barn in the morning). She is always quite shy....I have been unable to get close to her.

On this particular morning, I returned to the barn after a visit to the manure pile. Underneath the old pine tree I saw......

I tried talking to her...enticing her with "Here kitty, here kikikikiki" in my highest pitched,
squeaky mouse voice. And this time, instead of running, she stayed. She started to dig a little hole.....

And then I realized why she didn't run. She had a little business to attend to....
fertilizing the old pine tree. She tidily covered up her little duty and then took off running. So much for socialization! Oh well, I will keep trying.


  1. Well, at least she seems to assume your pine tree is her "property", as it now has her mark on it! She must be home :)

  2. Is she ever pretty. Well maybe she will stay wild but at least she has food and knows someone cares.

    Judi B.

  3. first things first!!!!

  4. Boots is a very pretty little kitty. When we lived in Illinois in a rural subdivision where we had woods behind our house we had wild free roaming cats. Each year a momma cat would bring her kittens up on our front concrete step and play with them in the late evening. Our front door was sheltered and we didn't use it very often I guess she must have felt safe there. The kittens were so cute playing on the slab and in and out of the shrubs. This activity went on for several years.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  5. Is there no privacy????

  6. She seems to be more at home than you thought. I love barn kitties. I just love kitties. Emma and Lucy would love to come over and dig up kitty treats. I don't know what to do with those two. Merry Christmas

  7. hahaha! oh Bev, I thought I was the only one who dare take a 'blacknail' pic of my kitties leaving their "calling card"!


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