Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Cat Tale

The other evening my last stop for the afternoon feeding was the feed the kitties. Most afternoons, when I walk through the barn door, I have to watch my step. There are usually three kitties trying to cozy up to me, wrapping themselves around my ankles. I suppose they think this is one way that I will be sure to not forget to feed them. Well, on this particular afternoon, there were only two kitties begging for their supper.....just Ella and Bobby. I called for TomTom....over and over, but no TomTom. How unusual, I thought, TomTom is usually the first one around when the food comes out. He is my starving Kitty and eats at least twice the amount as the other two.

Figuring that he was out hunting, I ran down to our neighbor's house for a moment.

On the way home, this is what I saw......

Apparently, when I was gathering eggs, TomTom slipped in the back door of the henhouse and was locked in when I finished. He quite often tries to accompany me into the henhouse, but I usually catch him and keep him out. I have never thought that he would hurt any of the birds, but there is really no reason for him to be there.
Now, each morning, he comes along with me as I clean out the henhouse. He peeks into the nesting boxes....making sure that everything is ok. He is the farm supervisor, afterall.
Amazingly, the chickens could care less.


Anke said...

He's such a sweet cat, glad he likes the chickens and they don't mind him.

JudiB said...

Hi Bev,

He sure has a great personality. What a character. Love seeing what he has been up to, seems he is always one to blog
Keep warm..ugh!! it sure is chilly here. Fed the lads inside and now off to do some Christmas shopping.

Judi B.

Sandy said...

I live TomTom! What a cutie!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Kelly or Alex said...

He is such a good boy. Cats are such good characters. They make farm life happy.

Morgen said...

OOhhh! we love your Polish chickens! where did you get them and will you be raising any for sale? My son had one and he just passed away so we are looking for more for him.


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