Monday, October 19, 2009

I'll Follow You Anywhere

The Littles and the barn kitties have all become the best of friends. TomTom has taken to napping in a corner of the Littles' stall. Bobby has decided that it is his job to lead the Littles back to the barn. Quite often Red tries to take Bobby's tail in his mouth in this cat and horse game of follow the leader. Hard to believe that Bobby is the newest member of the barn gang. He acts like he has been here all his life....he also acts like he owns the place. Queen Ella Bella is still angry at us for taking Bobby in. TomTom on the other hand now has a BFFF (best feline friend forever!)
We are in the middle of a major garden renovation. We have found a way to thwart the hostile takeover by Summer's garden should be spectacular (what do you mean I said that last year!) Tomorrow is the big reveal!!!!


  1. That's so cute, aren't you glad they get along so well? My girls would thing they've died and gone to heaven if they could be around all your pets. I've shown them your blog and they LOVE the littles and your chickens.

  2. so sweet..I love animals and their stories...


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