Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wanted: Mouser

For Sale: Two Useless (but adorable) Barn Kitties.....Cheap!
Actually, they are not for sale. However, it occurred to me this morning, that they are not keeping up their end of the bargain. These two fun loving felines have a warm place to sleep, two meals a day (the good stuff, too), acres to roam, lots of lovin (any cat would give their tail to live here). All of these amenities come with only one stipulation: they must keep the barn free from mice.
Last evening as I was working in the barn, I was aware of the scurrying footsteps of little mousies above my head in the rafters. And this morning, I found these two kitties playing with a rather well-fed mouse. The mouse ran from kitty to kitty, in no apparent hurry to escape...and neither cat seemed interested in turning him into a meal. Even Sadie was amused by this tiny creature.
After watching this cat and mouse game for about ten minutes, I proceeded into the barn...followed by two hungry kitties who hopped up on the workbench and begged for their breakfast.

I am going to have to review their contracts...they just don't seem to get the point of being barn kitties.


  1. Yes, this could be a problem. However, a cat needs time to play too! :)

  2. Your cats are living the good life, no mouse chasing required. :-)

  3. So true...but do they have to play 24/7? A little work couldn't hurt!

  4. too funny I guess they though he was a friend not a foe! Blessings,Karen

  5. well, you know, if you want them to eat the mice, stop feeding them the good stuff, the wild will come out in them!


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