Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Official

Well, I just got back in the house from doing the afternoon feed...and I have to report that this Phyllis chicken is officially a Phillip!! I was close enough to their yard when I heard the unusual crowing....just one "dooo" short of a "cock-a-doodle". He is obviously just in the learning phase for rooster crowing. I guess this explains why all of a sudden one of the "Phyllis"s developed a bad hair day that just never went away! Oh my, now we will awaken to three roosters crowing in the hopes of ever sleeping in.


Bunny said...

He sure is a handsome fella.

Kelly or Alex said...

Do you think he will have adjustment problems after being a Phyllis? Should you seek counseling for him? We don't want any mal adjusted roos running around.
Kelly :)


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