Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Dating Game

It is mating season here on the farm. The other morning, Becky and I did a bit of rearranging and paired up bucks and does for mating. None of the does wanted to leave their pen, so we had to move everyone together and then remove the ones who were not going to be "involved". As you can see there is always a bit of anarchy involved with goat activities.Next we lead the bucks from their pen. We are mating two does with two separate bucks now. Later in the fall, we will be mating two more does with a third buck. This buck is Chip. He is the oldest of our bucks at just two years old. He is quite a handsome guy and is going to make a fine suitor for Missy goat.Missy does her best to entice Chip with her athletic prowess.....with a finely choreographed balance beam routine. It looks like he's impressed!Smoochie is one of our bucks that was born a year and a half ago. He was chosen for Myrtle. Smoochie is a kind and gentle buck and will treat Myrtle with the utmost respect....that is if he can take his eyes off the dwarf Nigerian does long enough to pay some attention to Myrtle.Moving Smoochie was a bit of an effort. About half way down to the does' pen, he just laid down and refused to go. After much prodding, we had to resort to dragging him by his horns. We kept telling him he'd have a good time once he got there....but he wasn't buying that story.Poor Myrtle, Smoochie seems more interested in talking to Chip. I sure hope he hasn't noticed that Myrtle only has one eye! If all goes as planned, we should have two babies from each of these does in late Winter. Kidding season is the best time of all on the farm! Make sure you visit us in the spring, as there is nothing cuter than a new born kid.


  1. What fun, I can't believe you have to convince them to move! Look forward to seeing the kids!

  2. You sure are having your time with reluctant animals lately! :D I can't wait to see the little ones, come spring. I love hearing about the farm, never been on one and really never thought about how involved it was. Thanks.

  3. haha!I shot Meri an email to peek into your blog today....I know she will be rolling on the floor laughing!
    She was outside a bit ago passing out Chinny Chin rubs to her goatees & sheep....wowzer, my baby has turned into a Siletto wearing farm girl! lol!

  4. This is too funny. The days and times of goat love. It's more complicated than it seems.


  5. glad you are being selective with Missy's mate

  6. this is hilarious..comdey routine 24/7 with goats.


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