Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amelia Airheart

Amelia "Airheart" is one of my two black and white Polish Crested chickens. She is quite lovely, with her fine feather hat. For some reason, though, she has developed a funny habit. Each and every evening, she flies up to the top part of the fence around her yard and perches herself there. Then I take hold of her feet and remove her from the fence and gently lower her back to the ground. If I don't help her down, she is still there the next morning. I am not sure if she can get down by herself (I suspect that she can). Still, it makes me feel better to help her down.
Because of this habit, we have named her Amelia Airheart....always dreaming of flying, but never leaving her own back yard.


karen said...

Oh, how cute it that? She is a doll. Let her feel her 'wings'! :D

danahollis said...

I love your blog... :)

She's just so darn cute... and those mini horses and fainting goats... oh my gosh! I'm so jealous! ;)


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