Friday, May 1, 2009

Waging War (Kindly) Against Pests

Another Spring has arrived and with it the tent caterpillars. These pesky creatures can defoliate a tree in no time flat...causing its' death. I was told that Vaseline petroleum jelly smeared around the trunk of a tree can act as a physical barrier for these nasty worms with fur. I will try anything...I have even gone so far as torching the caterpillar nests (I always fear starting a forest fire, though). Since we have doubled the size of our orchards this year, I thought it prudent to donn gloves and get busy smearing trunks.This happy cherry tree almost succombed to munching caterpillars last Spring.
PS....Maddie, of course, had to help me with this process and came away with Vaseline all over the top of her head. Nothing like a 140 lb. Newfie with "greasy kid stuff"! I am thinking of changing her name to "Slick".


Anonymous said...

we used to put some kind of double sided tape around our trees...they may sell tape for just that purpose

Katmom said...

hmmmm, I need to call my stock broker & tell him to buy me lots of stock in Vasilene petrolium Jelly! snicker, giggle!

Ruth said...

What a great idea. I hadn't heard of that.


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