Thursday, May 21, 2009

Up Close and Personal

Yesterday I spent a block of time in the morning weeding my strawberry patch....a chore that if done on a regular basis keeps everything under control, but if ignored......weedlam (a variation of bedlam!) When I approached my garden shed I noticed something new on the grapevine wreath that adorns the shed. You can see this new something at the lower right hand "corner" of the wreath.Upon closer inspection, it looked like this:After summoning as much courage as I could, I peered through the lens of my camera and moved in closer....
Seeing something strange at her front door, she came a bit closer to investigate.....
Just a bit closer.....

Ok, that's just about close enough. This lovely creature is a female hornet, or queen. She is building her nest in preparation for laying several eggs. Over the next week, these eggs will hatch and go through a metamorphosis. Hopefully, I will be able to snap a few more pictures to chronicle this event. Stay tuned...... And we will hope she tolerates the attention....hornets can sting more than once and their sting is quite painful!

PS...To those of you who follow my blog....I would like to say thank you! I enjoy your comments and try to visit your blogs in return when I can. Blogging gives us the ability to peer into a piece of others' lives and share in the wonders of this amazing world. Our farm is a longtime dream turned reality for gives us great pleasure to share our world with you!


  1. Oh my goodness! You were brave to get that close. Jill

  2. Very brave, indeed. I'm pretty much terrified of any 6-legged thing with wings...
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I found it by accident one day and have not stopped following it since! Thank you for sharing your dreams (and realities!) with us!

  3. Bev,
    U-R way braver than I....those pesky lil buggers are horrid up here. I have to walk the perimeter of the house at least once a week to watch & destroy nests...they can make being out doors very unpleasent! I have been stung several time just while out working in the garden not to mention once while watering some plants on my balcony. So to say there is no love lost tween them & me, is an understatment. Do be careful.

  4. Maybe the calm you developed around your bees convinced her you meant no harm? Thank you for the photos. They are wonderful, but I don't want you to get stung.

  5. Great pictures Bev! I have been stung by a Hornet to ! Not fun at all! Mj


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