Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Delivery

Yesterday, at 6 AM the call came in, "Hello, Beehavenmaven, this is the Postmaster. You have a delivery here at the Post Office that needs to be picked up at once." With that, I hopped into the truck and drove the 5 miles to our little town. There waiting inside the door for me was a box measuring 8 x 12 x 6, and from it the tiniest peeping sounds. With tender loving care I placed the box on the passenger seat and headed back to the farm.Upon arriving back at the farm, I carefully carried my precious cargo to the new henhouse and began to gingerly open it...cautiously cutting through the tape that bound the lid to the box. Inside were 26 adorable fuzzy peeps...a wild and crazy bunch with little tufts on their heads and leg feathers and funky coloration. One by one I lifted them into their new home with warming lights and watched as each scampered off to investigate their food and water. Amazing little creatures....just hatched a day or two ago and stuffed into a box and transported halfway across the country. Unfortunately, one did not survive the trip; but the rest seem to have made it ok. After taking their fill of food and water, each would fall asleep standing up, start to sway and eventually drift downward until prone....napping....probably for the first time since hatching.
A few hours later I checked in on them and found most of them to be quite active. Keeping my fingers crossed, I hope that all will make it to maturity. It looks like they are going to be quite a striking lot of birds.


  1. Bev-
    They are so adorable!!! Are those little heads tufted???
    My hubby says we will be getting rabbits,for butchering- rather than bees or more birds. How hard will that be????????? :0

  2. How adorable! What kind of chickens did you get? I luv chickens! how sweet! Thanks for sharing.... dawn

  3. Bev, they are too cute....I know they will have the highest rate of survival with your loving care.


  4. Darling little peeps.I remember when I was growing up,Murphy's Store had peeps at Easter time. They use to be able to dye them different colors back them. I always ask mom every year if I could have one and the answer was always NO. I still love them after all this time. I so enjoy your blog,you should be a writer.

  5. oh my goodness bee haven maven...they are so cute. Love love love. I hope they are as hilarious as they can be in weeks to come.

  6. Beehavenmaven, Your blog is looking more like mine all the time! Love the chickie video. Looks like a few crested chickens in the bunch. I have a few pics on my blog of our young crested chicks. (nearly 3 months old) Turns out my black crested is a rooster. Enjoy them. Just like children, they grow fast!


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