Saturday, May 9, 2009

Construction Update

Another busy week of construction has flown by. The walls on the first and second floors are painted and all of the tongue and groove panelling is in place...and it looks great! It is finally starting to look like a home on the inside.

Here is the living room walls and ceiling.
The fireplace is ready for the stone work to begin. The walnut planks for the flooring have arrived and will sit inside the house for a week before being laid.

The exterior has its first coat of stain. I will post pictures when the protective plastic is removed from the windows. The cupola is built and ready to is a picture of the roof getting its green cover...also a picture of the weather vane...unassembled.

So much happening....this next week will be a busy one, too!


  1. Oh my! How beautiful it is. :0) I want to see the are holding out on me...LOL Well, maybe you haven't reached the appliance delivery stage yet??



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