Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awaiting Bees

This weekend I will be attending a class entitled "Sustainable Beekeeping - A More Natural Approach" at a local apiary. And, I will be picking up 5 "nucs" or nuclear colonies to place in my five new beehives. Here are the new hives in their yard...ready to be inhabited. this yard has an electric fence around it....I am hoping to deter our resident "Yogi" who has been frequenting our bird feeders lately. There is nothing worse than having a bear tear apart your beehives!


  1. As a faithful blog follower who usually doesn't comment I've found myself wishing I could visit your farm. But unfortunately Oregon is a bit far from you. In my dream world I would love to own a small farm and bee keeping has caught my attention lately. So continue your writing for I know there are many of us that live the small farm life through you. I do have my five hens in my urban lot plus one dogs. That is as close to farming I can get in town. Thank you for sharing your life through both of your blogs! June

  2. I'm having hive envy. They are beautiful. I will pick up 2 nucs this weekend and I'm not ready in the least. I have so much to get ready.

  3. These are so pretty...hopefully the electric fence will be the answer to keeping your hives safe!


  4. "FOR RENT" just waiting for the new occupants! Hope your Yogibear steers clear....Karelian Bear Dog.........

  5. THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS AND ORDERLY...i must learn more


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