Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Other Signs of Spring

One sure sign of warmer weather is the reappearance of Tin Lizzy back under the old pine tree by the barn. Liz is our vintage 1953 Ford tractor (that still runs....we use here every summer for certain chores). This year, I have decided to spruce her up a bit. A couple of cans of Rustoleum paint will make her a little more splashy!! I will post pictures when her facelift is complete.
If you have ever seen the Disney movie "Cars" you will agree with me that she looks a bit like the tractors in that movie. Can you see her face?


  1. She sure looks contented, and I can see a coat of paint will make her sparkle..

  2. Oh, Tin Lizzy will feel so much better and you know she'll run better! LOL Can't wait to see her face lift. :0)


  3. Cant wait to see her makeover!

  4. We've owned at least 2 of these- they are workhorses!!!!

    Can't wait to see her with her make up on!!!! :)


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