Sunday, January 25, 2009


We try as often as possible to watch both the sunrise and the sunset at the farm. This morning's sunrise was breathtaking. It was almost beautiful enough to make us forget that it was only 9 degrees as we went about our morning chores. What a perfect way to start the day.


  1. I used to enjoy the beautiful winter sunrises driving to work at 5AM

  2. SO pretty! I love to look at the sunrise! Always have....I have played a game with my daughter since she was born and we try to name all the colors we see. It started with her learning her colors and now it's just a tradition....we also look for stuff in clouds!
    Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

  3. oh Bev,
    I am sooo there,,,,can you see me out walking with Sadie & TomTom at my side? lol!
    p.s., the sun broke through this morning! YEAH!!!!!!


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