Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great Job, Mike

Bee Keeper Mike, my brother-in-law, had an article published in Hobby Farms Magazine. The January/February issue has an article entitled "Build Your Lambs a Custom Warming Hut". Mike had built these wonderful cozy, warm huts for our baby goats last Spring and since then we have used them to raise chickens and guineas, too. He wrote this article with precise instructions so that anyone can build one similar....Hobby Farms took it upon themselves to say it is for Lambs. I suppose that is because there is an adorable lamb on the cover.

Congratulations, Mike, it is a great article!


  1. Hey Bev,
    Congrats to you BIL on his article, I think I may need one of those 'warming huts'...for me! we got 3" of snow in less then 3hours...Brrrrr.
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

  2. good for Mike...soon you'll all be published

  3. How very interesting. My husband enjoyed seeing this post too. Thanks for sharing

  4. Yay, Congrats, I'll have to pick up the newest HF copy!


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