Monday, December 15, 2008

The World's Largest Raincoat

That is what our house is wearing right now. Construction has been slow due to inclement weather.....lots of rain. The subfloor for the first floor is finished and covered with the world's largest tarp. They have been unable to pour the basement concrete...and that will wait until all threat of rain and snow has passed. As for the logs....perhaps tomorrow! Oh my, that will be so exciting!!Here is Jack pretending to open the refrigerator door. Our kitchen will occupy that triangular area behind where he is standing. It is all so hard to imagine right now.
Now you get a good view of our back yard (woods) and to the right is a path into the woods lined with our firewood.


Mildred said...

How very exciting to see this all coming together.

Katmom said...

hahaha! just like a man...the 2 most important things in a home....the refriderator and the T.V. remote control!!!
But at least that makes 'em happy & gives us ladies 'Card Blonsch' to decorate to our hearts content!
wink wink!
hugz,& hope the weather clears up for you ASAP!


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