Monday, December 8, 2008

Babies on Board

Becky and I braved the frigid temperatures and checked our female fainting goats for pregnancy. This involves shaving a patch of fur on their underbellies and applying a conductive jelly (brrrrrr, cold!) and then moving the ultrasound probe around against their underbelly. They don't seem to mind....especially since I am feeding them treats throughout the whole procedure.Just as in humans, ultrasound is used to check the presence and development of goat fetuses. Here is a picture of Myrtle's uterus....ooops the twins it is hard to discern them. So cute.....we could see their little limbs moving and their heads and spines. We did pregnancy checks on Myrtle, Jill and Missy (they were bred in October) and found that both Myrtle and Jill each have twins. Below is Jill, patiently waiting while Becky checks her....especially since there is a steady stream of treats in my hand. With Missy, however, we could found no evidence of pregnancy. Both Myrtle and Jill have gained weight and are getting broad in the bellies. If Missy goes in heat again, we will attempt to breed her again.


  1. ok, if I were a faiting goat, I'd let my belly be rubbed w/gooey jelly in trade for a brownie or scrumptious chocolate chip cookie! lol!
    Congrats on the "babies".
    p.s., we got a dusting of snow last, how about you!
    Brrrr, it's cold!

  2. Hurray Myrtle and Jill - Missy get with the program!

  3. Aww so cute. What a great blogsite. babies are gonna be darling.. I think All baby creatures are adorable. I liked listening to the hens too. Thanks I am going to follow your site too..


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