Sunday, November 16, 2008

Helen Has a Friend!!!

Good news for those of you who follow my stories about dear Helen, our myopic chicken with cataracts.....she finally has a compatible roommate. Meet Maude. Maude has moved in with Helen and the girls are getting along splendidly.They spend most of the day catching up on the hen house gossip. It seems to be a perfect match. Since Helen is almost blind, there is no jealousy towards Maude. After all, Maude is quite stunning!
Our new Rhode Island Reds and our new guineas are maturing quite nicely. I can hardly wait till these wonderful reds start laying. They generally lay very large, delicious brown eggs. We have many requests for eggs, and not enough eggs to fill all the orders. So, we will be adding more chickens as time goes on. I just love these gals!
There are not yet as lovely as they will someday be....but they are starting to look much more mature.


Anonymous said...

very happy for Helen..everybody should have a buddy..even a chicken

Katmom said...

Maude & Helen look like two perfect ol' gals who can enjoy the henhouse gossip to the fullest!
Luv your R.Reds & of course the Guinees...
Trust me, if I were your neighbor I'd be sneaking into the hen house for fresh organic eggs for all my baking. hmmm, wonder if UPS/FEDEX can deliver eggs! lol!

Autumn said...

Helen needed a friend! Maude is perfect!!!!
Us old ladies need good friends- especially when we can't see well- after all who else is gonna take care of those chin hairs??? Only a true friend!!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

I'm so happy that Helen has a roommate!!!! I hope Maude knows how lucky she is to have such a peaceful home and a sister hen to chat with all day long. :0)



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