Monday, September 1, 2008

Needed: Chicken Optometrist

Meet Helen. She is our extremely near-sighted chicken. Weeks ago we found that the other chickens had started to ostrasize her. Upon examination it seemed she had formed rather significant cataracts on her eyes. For her own safety we moved her to another empty goat yard, where she now lives a solitary life next to three of our fainting goats. Occasionally when the sun is down she ventures beyond her little house and clumsily explores the boundaries of her yard, but most of the time stays tucked away inside her doorway. I suppose on most farms she would become chicken dinner, but we just don't have the heart to bring about her early demise. So, she lives a quiet life with food brought to her daily. I might add....she lays no eggs, either. Within the next year we plan to raise chickens for the purpose of eating. I suppose this poor dear will be spared, though. So for now, we will continue our chicken nursing home. Oh, and if you know an optometrist who would like the challenge of fashioning eyeglasses for a chicken....please contact us!


Peggy said...

I think I have finally met someone more tenderhearted than me. LOL

Morgen said...

I would have done the same! My dear chickens are so special to me. We want to do meat chickens next spring too but my husband will have to care for them not me!!!!

d.a. said...

Chickens are flock birds, and get lonely by themselves. Might want to see about getting her some company that won't hurt her.

Brenda Jean said...

Awwww, poor Helen.

Jenn (the daughter) said...

I love it!!! The chicken relocation program continues!!!

Ace said...

Oh, she needs a friend. Perhapse a kitten:)

Many Blessings :)

My Crafty Little Page said...

Bless her little chick heart! No, no no - don't eat her.I love that you did this - hope she lives a long and happy life. I have to visit here more often...I love these farm animal shenanigans! Nancy
I'm putting you on my favorites list so now I'm expecting to hear castration stories that you promised.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Poor Helen, Chickens coexist so well with goats but in her case she wouldn't be able to move quickly enough if a hoof was gonna unintentionally step on her.

Maybe a couple of chicks to keep her company and they could nuzzle under her for comfort to them and her..(maybe) "sigh"

I saved a banty hen once that a possum got a hold of and broke her leg..after having me as "motherhen" for a month I had a real hard time introducing her back into the flock. They decided that she was not family any longer :0(

I'll look forward to updates on Miss Helen :0) I can just see the cutest round spectacles on her, can't you?! LOL


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