Monday, August 4, 2008

A Garden Gone Wild!

A very moist summer has made excellent growing conditions for our most prolific crop....WEEDS! We have had a fantastic berry harvest this year. Even the wild blackberries that line our woods are bursting with plump ripe fruit (watch out for chiggers,though!). Our tomato plants are loaded (not quite ripe, yet). Vine plants (at least those on the ground) have been a big disappointment. We harvested a handful of cucumbers before the vines died. Our zucchini and summer squash died before they had a chance to produce. It seems that these plants' demise was caused by two separate agents...some nasty insect and also a type of fungus. We have several watermelons hanging on to their vines, and each day we cross our fingers and hope that the vines make it.

What we have had great luck with is the squash and gourds that we planted along the garden fence. These caught hold of the fence wires and climbed high to safety. Now our garden fence is decorated with fruit of varying sizes and ripeness.

Root plants such as carrots, radishes, beets, onion and garlic have given us a good harvest.
This Spring, Becky added a row of ever-bearing strawberries to the strawberry patch and much to my surprise, they have started their second harvest (in August!)

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  1. gotta be careful when veggies/flowers are lying on damp ground with no air circulating..big time fungus problems but I guess you already know that..sorry about your cukes


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