Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hay There!!

Hello from the hayloft! We have been quite busy lately at the farm. With a threat of rain, the hay that had been drying in the field had to be quickly baled. This hay added to some that we had previously purchased has just about filled up our hay loft. Hopefully we will have one more cutting by fall. Next year we will have additional acreage to mow and bale...possibly making us self sufficient. Notice what a lovely green color our hay is! We have been quite lucky with adequate rainfall here in PA this summer.

This is today's yield from the henhouse. Finally our new gals are starting to lay. I will say, however, that their eggs are quite small in comparison with our old gals'. I am holding 8 eggs in my hand in this picture. They may be small, but their yolks are rich and quite tasty!


  1. hahaha!, from your shadow I can see that you are quit talented, holding eggs in one hand & your camers in the other,,,next you'll have to learn to juggle! lol!
    Lucky you, fresh free range eggs each morning....
    Happy farming,

  2. hay....you stay out of those hay lofts!!!

  3. it is absolutely beautiful! The eggs and the hay!


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