Sunday, March 9, 2008

Not-So-Brave Maddie and Other Tales.......

This morning while cleaning the pastures, our Newfie, Maddie decided to keep us company and crawled under the pasture fence. Maddie is extremely wary of the horses, but her love for a breakfast of roadapples helps her to forget her fears. However, once she got close to us and realized how close to our pony she was, she quickly sought shelter in the gator. With barely enough room to squeeze her enormous body, she crawled into the front and stayed there through the remainder of the clean-up.

Two weeks ago we spent a part of a Satuday renovating the bluebird houses. I had posted a picture of one of our new houses ready to receive it's new inhabitants. Sadly, when we went back to check this box, we found that another bird has been working hard to enlarge the hole. This box is no longer bluebird worthy.

I am happy to report that we saw a pair of Eastern bluebirds checking out one of the other boxes. Hopefully, they will settle there; and the sparrows and starlings will leave them alone.

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