New Babies

 A couple of months ago, I ordered 15 new chicks for us to add to our flock of hens.  Because we allow all of our hens to age gracefully and remain in our flock through retirement, egg production occasionally declines.  This is what has happened this year... decreased daily egg laying.

I hand picked three different breeds from Myers Poultry (a PA company)  for the color of their eggs...  Americanas, for their Easter eggs of blue and green,

 Mystic Marans, for chocolate brown eggs, 

and Light Brahmas for lighter brown eggs. 

 Our chicks were to hatch on Wednesday, so I guessed that they might have arrived at the Post Office by Thursday morning, and sure enough, they had.

I always have a little apprehension when adding new chicklets -  you know.... - motherly worries about their welfare for the first few days.

This group arrived "none the worse for wear" -  cheeping their heads off and very active.

I took them out of the shipping box, one by one, and introduced them to the waterer.

Within minutes, they were all eating and drinking.  

That green goo on the cardboard is called Grow Gel - a hydrating, nutritional boost that we give them after transport.

I counted them to make sure they were all there.  1,2,3,4.......13,14,15.... uh, oh... 16!!

That means the hatchery sent us a surprise... and hopefully it is another hen and not a rooster!!!  I'm not sure Goose would like to give up his position as The One And Only.

It's always fun to watch chicks grow into hens.  Maybe since we only have 15 (16)... I will have better luck taming them.   We usually have twice as many, making it hard to handle all of them.

PS... I am almost finished painting Maven Haven.  I should have a big reveal early next week.  I am so excited... she looks so pretty!!!  It's a big change.


daisy g said…
Enjoy your new charges! We raised chicks for the first time this spring and it is so fun to see them grow and change. I’ve read that if you check their wings and there are two distinct rows, they are hens. Continued blessings!
Lynne said…
Happy days with your “newbies!”
I like the “cheep cheep music!”
Marcia LaRue said…
Do they add an extra chick in case you might lose one in transit?
Looking forward to seeing Maven Haven's updated dress!
This N That said…
Enjoy your new Chiclets. Can’t wait to see. Maven Haven. Have a good weekend.❤️
Love the new babies! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Can't wait to see the New Maven Haven. So fun! And I love your 16 little new will be fun to see them grow. Hope no little rooster!!! Have a great weekend!