Every Morning....

You have probably noticed that many of my posts center around morning activities.  Mornings are definitely the busiest time for animal chores.  Although, I must say, that over the years our mornings have become less busy - with the loss of animals.  

The ones that remain are pretty much on autopilot.

You might remember months ago when we were allowing Moonie to take himself to the pasture... that he would occasionally go AWOL and take off at a gallop for who-knows-where.  Lately, he's been doing a very good job at getting himself to the pasture - without any side trips!

First things first, though... fly masks ("Moonie's sunglasses") are donned.  

Then, the gate is opened, and off he goes... out the front door of the barn.

He stops at the first grassy patch that he comes across.

Next, I halter Red and walk him up to the pasture beside Moonie.

Seeing the pasture gate in front of him, Moonie kicks up his heels and starts to trot.

We follow along behind.

Eventually, everyone ends up in the pasture - happily munching away.  There was a day when getting to the front pasture required a whole lot of ferrying.  These days - it's one simple walk with one tiny horse, while the big guy heads up by himself.

Meanwhile, back at the barn - breakfast is served to Ginger,

 and we hear Faith bleating from the far corner of the dry lot... 

poking her cute little face between the fence boards, asking for her breakfast.

Each morning, I walk through the garden checking the progress of everything planted there.  Yesterday, we harvested the first of the chamomile blossoms.  They are now in the food dehydrator, drying for tea.

I have planted several types of teas - a variety of mints (seen below in the box behind the red blossoms.)

Another box has lemon balm and two flowering plants - agastache and pineapple sage, both of whose flowers can be added to teas.

To answer a couple questions from earlier this week...
We compost the hair from our shedding equines.  And the tool that I use to help them shed is this...

It works great!

I spent much of yesterday painting Maven Haven.  It's still too early to show you.  I think the reveal will be some time next week.  I am so happy with how it is coming along!


Well....I like to start my day with a cup of coffee, the window open hearing the birds singing and reading about what is going on with you! There are other things too, but I look forward to quiet, simple mornings before the day gets revved up. I love the picture of Hope. Such a cute face peeking through the fence! Thanks for sharing!
Michle said…
I know you recently lost one of your miniature horses, but did you have ponies too?
Bee Haven Bev said…
The ponies are still here on the farm, but my sister-in-law is keeping them as companions for her horse. They are usually in the adjacent pasture.
This N That said…
The storms missed us as usual. At least it's a little bit cooler. I watered this morning. I was hoping not to have to.
Moonie has the perfect routine. It seems to work for everybody.
He's a happy horse!
It's good to be able to see Faiths face.. Cutie indeed.
Anxious to see maven haven!!!