Donkey Moments

It's mid-morning.  Chores are finished.  I've just returned from a quick trip to the greenhouse.  it's time for the horses to come back to the barn for their chow.  I call out, "Let's go!" and Red and Moonie come running back to the dry lot, followed by the donkeys at a much slower pace.  I close the gates behind them as they head towards their food and sit down on the ground of the dry lot.  A few feet away from me, these two are having a moment.

As soon as my bottom settles onto the ground, they are beside me.

Then Pete crawls up into my lap.

The horses and donkeys finish their chow, and Moonie comes out of the barn - heading over to the water for a drink.

Pete snuggled into my lap and I scratched behind his ears - until this boy with the puppy dog eyes came over to say, "What about me?"

About that time, I felt someone tapping on my shoulder...

Daphne had walked over for a chat,

and it wasn't long until I had two donkeys in my lap.

We sat there for the longest time, snuggling, 

a donkey chin in each hand.

These two gals are so special to me.  Donkeys are extremely loyal.  I feel an affection from these two that I don't feel from the horses.  The horses have a trust and acceptance of me as part of their family.  But with the donkeys... it's a much different thing. 

All I have to do is sit down, and they are both standing as close to me as they can.  They stand next to me with a peace and calm that makes me feel loved.  It may sound as though I am anthropomorphizing, but if you have had the privilege of having a relationship with a donkey, you know exactly what I am trying to explain.

Donkeys, so often thought of as stubborn are, instead,  curious, yet cautious.  When they feel safe, they are loving and gentle.   To me they are magical, intuitive creatures with a sixth sense and the keen ability of sharing a deep sense of peace with their "person".  Sitting with my donkeys, a calm settles over me and I feel my blood pressure lower.  It's one of my happiest places!


This N That said…
Such special moments❤️
Rena said…
It looks like love to me🙂
daisy g said…
What could be better? Your critters are so well loved.
Sally said…
I love the pictures of Forrest and Pete, they sure did bond. l like the donkeys too . It is amazing how all the animals get along.
Such a sweet new insight into donkeys. Who knew? Perhaps those who labeled them as stubborn...creatures never took the time to snuggle with them in a dry lot. 🥰
Sue S said…
Being with my two donkeys is one of my happiest places, too. People ask why I have the donkeys and the calm and peace they bring is why.
Kathy S said…
Everyone could use some donkey happy time! And good job on getting those photos mid- snuggle!
Anonymous said…
I love reading donkey content!! They are just too cute.
Jeannie said…
Thanks for the reminder that the love we give and receive from our animals is one of the sweet joys of life.
I love hearing about your affection for your donkeys and how they return it. Have we ever heard the story of how you acquired these two? Just wondering.