Enthused and Inspired!

Immersing ourselves back into farm life has been wonderful this week. 

 Vacation always serves to stoke my enthusiasm, inspiration, and creativity.  And so, I have dived, headfirst, into all of the projects that have been swirling around my mind.  Getting my fingers into the soil is number one on my list.  Within the next two weeks, I will get some of my spring seeds into the soil.  For now, though, I am content to give a reboot to some of my houseplants.

In April of 2019, Jack and I took a class at PSU in houseplant propagation.  We came home with a few cuttings and quickly got them started in potting soil.  One of these was a three inch piece of snake plant (dracaena trifasciata).  By year's end the cutting (the part of the plant that is tipped in yellow) had grown a new shoot.

Those shoots continued to make new shoots and soon I had an enormous plant.  Two years ago, I split the plant in two and re-potted them.  Since then, they have continued to grow!

Yesterday I split the contents of those two pots into 6 containers!

This is one amazing plant.  Though toxic to animals and babies (adults, too) (but, only if consumed), they are quite safe if kept out of reach.  The plant is extremely beneficial to the atmosphere inside the home, as well.  It is excellent at absorbing toxic chemicals in the air and exchanging them for oxygen.  They literally purify your air!  Though not the most beautiful of plants, in my opinion, I am more than happy to keep splitting them into more containers and placing them around my house.  They are happiest in indirect bright light and do not require a lot of water - just a drink every two weeks or so when the soil is dried out.

I've had a chance to begin my home flour-milling... 

grinding some whole wheat flour that I used in these English muffins and loaves of bread.

When my Azure Standard order arrives next week, I will have both hard red wheat berries, and hard white wheat berries to work with.  I think it will take a little trial and error to successfully produce my own freshly ground all purpose flour... grinding and sifting.  I'll share what I learn as I venture forward.

After months of soaking in oil, I have two infused oils ready to use for salves and lip balms...
yarrow leaves and calendula flowers.  Both herbs are renowned for their skin-healing properties.

I used the yarrow oil in a peppermint, healing lip balm - packaged in cardboard tubes.  

And the calendula in a lavender scented healing salve.  A few family members and friends use this salve routinely as a moisturizer - thus the need to make some more!

Yesterday gifted us a beautiful sunny day - the storms and winds of the previous days having moved on.  Finally we were able to get back out in the woods with the dogs - something I am sure they missed.

This time of year, when we are just on the cusp of turning the corner from winter into spring, seeing snowdrops peeking through the forest floor is a welcomed sight!

Unless one takes the time to look these precious blossoms in the face, one misses the chance to see just how beautiful they actually are!

It's the same with people.  If we walk with our heads down, we miss the beauty that is hidden in each other's faces and the stories that lie behind each other's eyes.  I cannot take credit for this bit of inspiration... as it was handed to me by Jack, yesterday on our woodsy walk.  I merely put it into my own words.

Tomorrow is Hubbs' birthday.  Some of you have had the pleasure of knowing this amazing man.  He's the light of my life and the best partner I could imagine in this life on the farm.  I could go on and on... 
 Happy Birthday, love!!


Rena said…
Happy Birthday Jack! Have a great day tomorrow!
Boni said…
You are such an inspiration! Love those oils! Do you sell them? Happy Birthday Jack! You were the best Ortho Doc I ever had! Enjoy your day!
Karen said…
Happy Birthday to Dr. Jack! *wish he was going to do my upcoming knee replacement:)) I think you are such a wonderful couple - you live each day to the fullest! *not always as easy as that sounds either! Best wishes to you both - living in a place full of love!
Bernie said…
Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ Jack!
daisy g said…
What a lovely post. It's inspiring to see someone who is making the most of every day. I strive to do that as well.

Happy Birthday Sir Jack! Blessings to you in the new year ahead!
Sally said…
Happy Birthday, Jack!
Unknown said…
Happy Birth Anniversary Jack, May it be a blessed year ahead. Lisa G in TN
Jody in GA said…
Birthday blessings to you, Jack!
Marcia LaRue said…
Every blog of yours is such a pleasure to read and it begins my day on a high and bright note! πŸŽΆπŸ˜€
Happy Birthday to Jack!πŸ¨πŸŽ‚πŸ·
Happy birthday to Jack! πŸ₯³πŸŽˆ

I just love seeing snowdrops this time of year. So enjoy your writings each day. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. πŸ€ happy March 1st.πŸ’š
My mother and 2 cousins have March 1st birthdays! so, happy birthday Jack! What a great day to have a birthday. March is always a very good month with it being a transitional month. It is always full of surprises, sometimes lots of warm days sometimes even snowstorms but we know that with it comes spring and that's not far behind.
This N That said…
You have certainly gotten more than your moneys worth out of that plant. I agree though it would not be my first choice but it has done well. How do you keep Ivy away from it?
Good luck with your flower grinding. It looks as though you are off to a good start.
We are still windy here today but it is a beautiful day.
Nice to see the faces of the snow drops. They are everywhere but I've never seen them from that angle..
Happy birthday Jack. Hope it's a great day! Hugs
Anonymous said…
Ahhhh, home is the best!
How did you choose your types of wheat berries?
Happy Bday to your hubs. I have only ever heard good things about him ;)
We use our homemade salves, tinctures, etc., daily. And for teas as well. So healthy!
colleen said…
Happy Birthday, Jack!!
Bev, I wish you would sell your salve.... just saying :) xoxox
Happy Birthday Jack! Hope you have a great day tomorrow! A Saturday birthday is always nice, even though I suppose you still have to do all your regular chores that day! Hope Bev makes you a delish cake!
Lynne said…
Snowdrop blossom is stunning!
Happy Birthday to your Jack!
Looks like spring is happening a bit on the farm!