What I Need

We enjoyed a cozy, perfect autumn weekend on the farm... woodsy walks, 

pond swims,

 and time spent with our furry friend.

We did leave for a short time to watch Tyler play soccer on Saturday.  If you remember Tyler's birth, then you have visited with us for 13 years now.  Amazing!

This boy is growing up too quickly (recently passing me in height!)  In spite of that, he remains a joy to be around - a very kind and thoughtful teenager.

Rain kept us home on Sunday.  We were going to go watch Mackenzie’s soccer game on that day.  This is our social life at the present... soccer!  We've been taking Forrest to the games as well - it's a good way to socialize him to strangers, children, and other dogs.  He has gotten used to his halter, seatbelt, and place in the back seat.

 I have written in the past that I had a little bit of a gypsy's heart.  Although I loved my home and enjoyed being here, there was also a part of me that loved  exploring the world, especially day trips to wild, rural places and little, quaint towns.  Day trips are difficult with a farm full of animals who need regular feeding, etc.  And day trips are somewhat impossible while training a puppy.  These are the compromises we make when choosing a farm life.  The song goes: "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime... you get what you need."  Truth be told, this life is exactly what I need in this hurried, hustle-bustle world that surrounds us.

Here, at home, there is a quiet ebb and flow of each day.  Satisfaction is found in the care of those who depend upon us.  I feel a deep gratitude for the gifts of the land - the beauty found in each sunrise and sunset, the nourishment of the food we are able to grow for ourselves, the ever-changing seasons, and the frequent visits from the wildlife who share this land.

My longing to "go" has diminished over the years and more so, recently.  The wisdom gained by the passing of time has taught me that there is nothing "out there" that can bring me any more joy than that which I can find by merely hiking through our woods with the dogs or enjoying the relationships formed between our animals.

I feel perfect contentment in an early morning cup of tea by candlelight and sitting on the front porch watching the birds who visit our feeders as I busy my hands with a project. 

 My recent adventures involve forays into the woods with my canine companions in search of mushrooms.  As I hike our trails, I immerse myself in all that surrounds me - the gently swaying trees, the loamy smells of moist forest soil, the rat-a-tat of woodpeckers on hollow trunks, and catching sight of the white tail of a deer as it leaps through the undergrowth to escape our path.

This autumn I am going to be intentional about appreciating every moment and every subtle change as it happens.  My fall bucket list is simple.  It involves nothing more than enjoying what is already around me!  

If you are on FB or IG, you may have noticed that I finished the wrap that I had been knitting.

This weekend, I started my next project, a cardigan sweater.  It's a combination of two yarns, a blue and a light grey...the combination reminds me of a pair of worn, cozy jeans.


Rena said…
So well said and I agree 100 percent. Your life is full of what offers us the greatest joys and contentment. What I believe is the kind of life we were originally made to live.
Your wrap is beautiful - love the colors!
Ann said…
Thank you. I, too, struggle with the wanting to go off to somewhere unknown and not yet seen! And I have goats and chickens and a used-to-be feral cat who now lives indoors. For me, autumn is when the wild calls most loudly, even though the wild lives here around me as well.
Thanks for the reminder that all I need is right here. It is always helpful to hear another voice voicing what is in my own heart.
daisy g said…
I so agree. I have no desire to travel anymore. Home is the best place to be. I tell folks that contentment is underrated.

Love the color combo of the new project!
Enjoy where you are.
Jody in GA said…
You said it well. I have been a "homebody" for years. The only traveling I used to enjoy was visiting my BFF and cousin in PA. She and I would exchange visits in alternate years. We can no longer do that, but we see each other on SKYPE from our homes twice a day and appreciate visiting with each other each day without leaving our homes!
Junebug said…
I think it has been a bit more the 13 yrs. But remember that bundle of joy well. Plus all the puppy dogs that have made a home on the farm. I sure am enjoying Forrest's adventures!
Anonymous said…
What is the info on the wrap pattern
jaz@octoberfarm said…
when i was younger, i could not sit still. i had to constantly be traveling. these days i am very content to stay home and enjoy everything around me. we still haven't had rain. all of this weekends rain went right around us.
Marcia LaRue said…
The new project looks like gray and yellow on my tablet!
I believe the older we get, the more we desire to stay closer to our home base!
Karen said…
Your words match how I feel about living in the country - with a few 'city' dwellings - we've always lived 'in the sticks'. I'm limited right now (I need my knee replacing - never thought THAT was in my future) and can't get around for my walks in the woods. So I'll go along with you and your gang if you don't mind - I SO enjoy vising you every day. xoxooxoKaren
This N That said…
I love the colors of your new project. Anything denim is good for me..
I have always been kind of a homebody. Probably more so now that I’ve gotten older or old.
Hard to believe that Tyler is so tall or that old for that matter.
Have a wonderful week. Enjoying this weather! Hugs.
Lynne said…
I certainly have reflective moments. Like maybe right now.
And even so, I seem to manage to squeeze out time
for “me times” in the midst of managing the household.
These past few years have flown by and I am in disbelief
that I am in my eighties. Fortunate that I still have energy
to garden, enjoy my green landscape and find moments of
watercolor or to try some new art project. Sometimes I
feel really gutsy to hop on a plane to go somewhere all by myself.
Doubt it will happen, it is fun to dream though . . .