Pig On The Loose

"What's that, you say, MaryAnn?"

"Ginger's on the loose?"

Yes, that crafty Ginger girl pushed her way out of her gate and headed down the driveway... mind you, very slowly.  

I never worry about pig escapes.  They are always so busy eating that they don't make a whole lot of progress quickly.  To a pig, it's the journey - not the destination.  And, getting her back into her yard takes nothing more than the temptation of a graham cracker.

I waited until she was back with her gang to reward her with a treat.  It's always a good idea to have treats served in just one location.  Of course that means that every time these three hear the gator coming, they head to the treat area.  Now that Faith is shorn and can fit her head through the fence rails, that's exactly what she does. 

 "She who can stick her head out the farthest is sure to get the most treats, right?"

Spoiled?  Maybe, a little.

There is a lot happening in the garden right now.  Sugar peas have just come in!

There are blossoms...

and there are tomato babies!

A nice amount of chamomile came up from last year's seed.  So, it's time to pick the blossoms and dry them for tea and possibly some chamomile soap!

Last evening as I sat on the front porch writing this post, Ivy (our house cat), who was out on the porch with us, climbed the log corners at the front door...

and jumped up on the roof.

She wandered along the garage roof then headed up to the peak.
The world is her oyster.  This cat has the life!

And we are completely spoiled by this cat.  She meows at the door (or climbs the screen door) when she wants to go outside.  She does all of her potty duties outside - no litter box to clean - and then asks to come back in again.
I guess we are as lucky as she is!


Marcia LaRue said…
Did Ivy housebreak herself or did you and Jack start the process and she has just continued with it?
Ginger was off to see if the grass was really greener on the other side of the fence! LOL
Another start to another beautiful day ... enjoy!
This N That said…
Ivy is purrfect....as long as she doesn't have to socialize..I guess..I used to have a cat like that..went out to go potty..that was long ago..I can picture Zoey doing the same thing but she'd probably do a lot of roaming in between..
Ivy likes rooftop views..I can't blame her..
Won't be long before you have home grown tomatoes...Yum
I hope Faith doesn't get her head stuck when her wool starts growing back..Do you still have yarn made from her wool??
Have a wonderful day..Hugs!!!
Everything is growing so nicely at your house! the sugar peas and tomatoes look wonderful. Praying you get some much needed rain....praying we will get some too. Just hate to see dry conditions in so many places. That Ivy is a pretty cat! Well, I think all of your cats are pretty, come to think of it. Do you ever see the black and white one any more?
I love Faith sticking her head thru the fence. So sweet.