Worktime / Playtime

We awoke early yesterday and did morning chores in the dark.  It had rained during the night, turning all of the snow to slush.

It was early enough that even the chickens were still in bed.

Not fans of snow, eighteen of the guineas had bunked in the duck house for the night.

Only two lonely birds had decided to sleep in the maple tree behind the barn

We finished morning chores as the sun was rising.  Our early start was because we had to drive to town to pick up Mackenzie and Easton, who were off school yesterday.  We brought them back up to the farm with us and had a day of fun.  We intersperse our play with farm chores... and the kids have learned that even work can be fun. 

 They weren't enthused about the prospect of washing eggs, but soon realized that it was a really fun chore.  After all, when is playing in the sink with water not fun?  Both remarked when we were finished that they had a lot of fun.  I'm happy to say that only 6 or so eggs were broken in the process.  (I know, at the price of eggs these days... that's a lot, right?)  Luckily, our hens are still laying 18 to 24 eggs daily.

They hand picked their own 2 dozen to take home with them.

I taught Mack to make homemade granola and she was excited to take some home for her parents.  You might notice that someone is missing her two front teeth!

We spent some time doing barn chores

 and visiting with the animals.

One of the benefits of visitors to the farm is extra treats for the pigs and sheepy girl.

Before traveling back to town, Mack and I took a trip to the creek.  

She gets almost as excited about mushrooms as I do and we found some beauties.

The highlight of our tip back home to the farm after returning the kids to their parents, was to see the sun finally come out... illuminating this hill and the herd of horses on it.  Such beautiful golden light!

Here we are at the end of another week.  It seems like I just typed those very words a couple of days ago!  We have a busy weekend ahead.  We're having guests for dinner tonight and tomorrow are attending a birthday party for a close friend.  It's a 60's themed costume party.  Wait until you see our costumes.... they're groovy!  We'll chat on Monday and share that with you.


daisy g said…
The kids are truly learning life skills.

The horses are gorgeous! What a beautiful shot.

Have a blast!
Margy said…
What beautiful memories you are making for the littles! I’d love to have your granola recipe please!
Margy in KY
Marcia LaRue said…
Do you suppose Mack will have her 2 front teeth by Christmas? Sorry ... I just had to ask! LOL
I know you will enjoy your weekend! See you on Monday!
This N That said…
You and the farm are an ongoing educational experience, as well as lots of fun. A great advantage for any kid. Have a wonderful weekend and lots of fun. Hugs.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
ooooo...i can't wait to see you two hippies!
Anonymous said…
What a fun weekend you have coming up. Can't wait to hear all about it. Ohhh isn't the sun beautiful in that picture with the horses! Love seeing those piggies and Faith getting treats! I can't believe your snow is already a crazy winter you're having. See you Monday. Have a great weekend.