Our Ambassador

We got a little late start to morning chores yesterday.  I have no excuse other than the fact that I overslept and missed the rising of the sun.  I caught the tale end of it as we left the house, but too late to capture it on my camera.  After so many days of clouds, I would have loved to bask in the colors.  But, sleep got the upper hand!

Don't worry... we were only a few minutes later than usual.  We don't like to make hungry animals wait.

When we arrived at the pig yard, we were greeted by Pete.  He's become the self-appointed farm ambassador and makes his rounds of all the animals.  

On this particular morning, he was there to greet the pigs as they emerged from their house.  MaryAnn was particularly interested in seeing who was peering out from behind the tree.

From there, Pete ambled across the yard to Faith's little house. 

 From here, he greeted Bobby.

The two of them stood there checking each other out.  Bobby has a tendency to elicit a negative response from most other cats.  However, Pete just smiled and said "Good morning!"  He's very good at putting others at ease.

And so, Bobby walked on, rather than pick a fight.

Within seconds, Faith came around the side of the house, startling Pete.

Faith is the only one of our animals who Pete has not mingled with up to this point.  Unlike the pigs, Faith does not seek out the company of other animals.  She's a bit of an introvert and prefers her very small circle of friends.

Yesterday was a break from all of the precipitation we have received lately.  (And... by the way... it's snowing today!)  We gave the horses some pasture time.

Such a handsome little fur ball!  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pasture, the girls had gathered in the coffee shop for a little gossip.  This is a favorite hangout for the chickens.  And though this run-in shed is meant as a shelter from harsh weather for the horses, it's always occupied by our chickens.

We were greeted by this scene the other morning.  This old apple tree has been dead for years.  We left it in place because the trunk was quite interesting.  However, the recent wet weather helped speed along its demise.  Though it landed on the fence... there was no damage to the fence.

Hubbs took the chain saw to it, and in about 10 minutes time, we had it all cleaned up. 

I did find some interesting black jelly fungi on it.  Find me a dead tree.... and I'll find you some interesting fungus, helping to break it down.

So, about that snow... we are supposed to get three to six inches today, followed by rain and temperatures well above freezing.  By the end of the day, we will most likely be left with 3 to 6 inches of mud, instead.

Again... the snows this winter have been fun... beautiful and short-lived... just the way I like them!

Last night's sky was lovely. - cloudless with just the sliver of the moon behind me.  With little ambient light, I was able to capture it with my camera.  Circled in red is Mars (three light minutes away from earth) - it glows a warmer orange than the stars.  Above and towards the right is a cluster of stars known as Pleiades or the Seven Sisters.  At 444 light years away, it is one of the closest star clusters to earth.  When viewing the night sky, it is easiest to see this cluster in your peripheral vision.  This is because the rods of our eyes (which are most effective in low light) are located away from the center of our eye.  

 Circled in purple in the lower right corner is Orion's belt.

It's hard to capture all of the stars that I saw without a tripod and my big camera.  It was the kind of night sky that makes one feel so small - the kind of sky that gives meaning to the word infinity.  At least as much as my little guinea brain can comprehend.


That grass is a beautiful sight! Pete is an early bird. I love getting up early to greet the day too!
We are also in that 3 to 6 inch range for snow today. It started last night but now at 8 am there is only about an inch on t g e road. We still have the 6 inches on the ground from Saturday/Sunday's snowfall. I enjoy it while it is here and when it is not.
Have a great day!
Jody Watts said…
A lovely post to bright a gray, rainy morning in Georgia! No snow here...woke up to a temperature of 51 degrees. It's a good day for a nap this afternoon for me and my 3 much-loved cats.
So Much Glory said…
Our barn cat Snip, who is Pete’s doppelg√§nger in looks and personality accompanies me though the morning chores as well. He also accompanies me wherever I am outside, in the garden, burn pile, you name it. But not to the mailbox at the end of the lane, thankfully! - I encourage that as it’s on the road. Otherwise, besides outside activities, he has 2 little heated houses and plenty of other places to bed down and be cozy.
Rena said…
Pete the cat is such a sweetie - got to love him.
Thanks for sharing the night sky. It was one of the things I enjoyed growing up in rural upstate NY. It brings peace to the soul. I rarely get to see it now living in suburbia.
This N That said…
So fun that Pete makes his rounds...Does he report back?? Sorry about the Cherry tree..I guess it was bound to happen..
We are only supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow...We'll see.We sure have been lucky so far this winter for which I am very grateful.
It's wonderful to have night skies that aren't around city lights..So beautiful.
Enjoy your day..Stay safe..
Barbee' said…
An amble about is just perfect, thank you! Love it. I've heard that apple makes good firewood that snaps and crackles. I discovered the wintertime night sky as a child on the farm. The wonder has never ceased, thank you!
Lorraine said…
Thanks for the picture of the green pasture. I haven't seen the ground since right after Thanksgiving. We've had 52+ inches here in western Wisconsin so far this season. Love the pictures of your animals
Esther L. said…
There is nothing more beautiful than a star studded sky. My teen has an app on her phone that shows the constellations which is so lovely to use on the clear nights!
Fun watching Pete go around and greet the other animals. I always smile when I see Faith....not too far away from her piggy friends. Love seeing all your critters and the amazing array of weather that you get there. Maybe we'll see some snow pictures tomorrow or maybe it will have all melted away! Such a crazy winter. Not here though, we have mountains of snow piled high and a ton of ice too. Now into a deep freeze we go starting Saturday. Oh joy!