Quite A Day

 Yesterday was one of those days.  You know the kind, I'm sure.  It was a typical morning.  Chores completed.  Horses out in the pasture.

  All was well.  I had a list of things that I hoped to do with my day.  and then, as sometimes happens, I was totally derailed. 

As it happens, though, it was probably all for the good... as you will soon see.

I had spent the morning de-Christmassing - getting the house un-decorated.  For as much as I love to decorate for Christmas, I love getting the house back in order after the holiday.  I find that a clean, uncluttered space puts me at ease as we move towards a new year.

The horses had been out to pasture for the allotted time and it was time to bring them back to the barn.  Unfortunately, our "sweet" Scarlet was not interested in joining her herd for breakfast at the barn, and instead, ran away from us whenever we approached her.

I had been given the advice to chase her around the pasture in the gator until she decided she was done with her shenanigans.  I slowly drove the gator and kept her trotting so that she could not eat, while Hubbs stood at the gate with the lead rope.  Scarlet had a choice - get exhausted trotting or submit to her lead rope and go back to the barn for breakfast.  It took about 15 minutes for her to make up her mind.  Going back to the barn via lead rope was her eventual choice - a wise one.

Don't worry - Scarlet is not skinny, as this photo would have you believe.  You will see in the photos to come, she is actually a little chubby.  I had the wide-angle lens on the camera to get all of her body in the photo.

With horses sorted out, we headed back to the house.  Hubbs was adding some bed slats beneath our bedroom mattress, and I was doing a little cleaning.  In the midst of all of the activity, a silk bag was sucked up into the vacuum hose.  Now, the thing about this situation is this:  when we built our house, we had a central vacuum system put in.  The vacuum has a 30 foot long hose which attaches to the cleaning tools.  Unfortunately, the silk bag was stuck in the middle of the hose.  After a while lot of effort in solving this problem (involving a drain snake), Hubbs suggested we use the snake on one side and hook the other end of the hose up to the shop-vac.  Luckily, this worked and the hose was open once again.

So happy to have the vacuum  working again, I then set about to deep clean several rooms of the house... moving furniture, refrigerator, etc.... vacuuming and then scrubbing floors and polishing furniture.  It was one of those "one thing turns into many" kinds of days.

Mid-afternoon, the farrier arrived for our regular, bi-monthly appointment.

Hooves were trimmed without incident.

Even Scarlet was cooperative with the farrier.

Although she did have a little attitude.

And it took a carrot to convince her to give in to the lead rope.  

It seems our dear Scarlet is going to be an ongoing project. 


On another note, Hubbs took this photo on his way to the barn.  Nowadays, Faith and the pigs are one big happy family.  And when it comes to treats, Faith plows her way into the fence between the two pigs...

just to make sure she gets her fair share!

This is the last and final post of 2022.  Next time we chat it will be a whole new year.  We are hoping that you have a very Happy New Year!  We are looking forward to another year with our critters here on the farm.  Who knows what magic may happen in 2023!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
scarlet and winnie must be kindred spirits! have a wonderful new year bev!
Jody Watts said…
Your posts always brighten my days and I thank you for them. I'm looking forward to 2023 posts! Blessings be to all your family, human and non-human!
Meghan Grace said…
Happy New Year to you and your family! I am grateful to know you and your farm happenings! Lots of love, Meghan
Marcia LaRue said…
I look forward to seeing how the New Year unfolds and unwinds in your blog and all the others that we all read!
I will be celebrating with friends with a little potluck meal and champagne and to bed the usual time ... none of us can stay up until midnight anymore! LOL
Hope you and Jack see 2023 in in great style!
Bernie said…
Happiest of New Year to you and Jack.
colleen said…
Just when we make the perfect plans...well, I guess I don't have to tell you what can happen to change them. I want to wish you and yours a very happy 2023 and I will be along for the adventures you share. Thanks to you and Jack for all you share on your Blog. xoxoxox Colleen
Wanda said…
Happy New Year! You add a lot of joy to my life. Thanks!
Agent X, not said…
Happy New Year to you, hubs, and the animal family. Your posts brighten so many days. A big thank you and virtual hugs for your time. All the best in 2023. I look forward to more adventures.
Jeannie said…
Best wishes for a Happy New Year to all the people and creatures at Bee Haven Acres. Thank you for sharing your world with us!
This N That said…
Scarlet just had to have her way for a bit!!!...Sometimes we have to exercise our independence..
Glad yo got your vacuum unplugged..Between the two of you, you were certain to figure it out!!!
Love the "three musketeers"..Happy that is working out..Has Faith started to oink yet??
Have the best of everything in 2023!! Hugs
That picture of Faith between the two pigs, really made me chuckle. God bless her and them too. What a lovely, place you've got there, where love is in such abundance everywhere one looks. Sorry Scarlet was a stinker for awhile. May you welcome in the New Year in true Bee Haven Acres style. See you all next year. May God bless us all in the New Year.
Karla said…
Oh these animals! But we love them! I know all about an "ADHD" day, where you start one thing, and it leads to 12 others! Thank you, Bev, for all of your posts this year. I look to your blog for happiness, joy, nature and wonder. Your blog is a safe place for me to go in these troubled times. You've helped me see that I have the kind of day that I decide to have, that flexibility is key, consistency and routine have their place in the world, and that if we look for beauty, we will always find it. I am choosing a word for 2023, rather than resolutions. My world is clarity - clarity of thought and actions. Thank you again, for crafting a beautiful blog all year long!
Sally said…
All the best to you and Jack and your animals. I hope 2023 is good to all of you. Looking forward to 2023 and all of your adventures on the farm.
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,
Hugz&squisches and Happy New Year