Happy Thanksgiving, Friends

Yesterday was a sunny, blue-skied, leave-your-jacket-on-the-fencepost kind of day.  And so, with sweet Pete to keep an eye on it, 

I removed my jacket and headed out into the front pasture to spend some time with the Three Musketeers... Ginger, MaryAnn and Faith.

Faith has found her new normal.  I knew eventually she would.  I'm glad it didn't take long.


There are some things I can always count on when I'm out in the front pasture. MaryAnn always comes over for a belly rub.

Ginger, on the other hand, uses the muck cart for a scratching post.

And as soon as MaryAnn flops on her side, Moll cat is there to join in the lovin'.  

The amazing thing is... wherever I visit with the pigs, be it in the pasture or in their yard, as soon as MaryAnn lies down on her side, Moll cat is there.

  Moll has her finger on the pulse of the farm at all times!

After visiting with all of my pasture friends, I continued on my way cleaning up manure.  When finished, I  let myself back into the dry lot and found a very curious little horses checking out my jacket.

Just what this shady little character needs... a hood!

With chores finished at the barn, I rode down to check on the pond duck population.  Hubbs had filled their feed bowl with several scoops early in the morning.  However, seeing 60+ ducks on the pond, I wasn't surprised to see the bowl already empty.  I refilled it and drove back up the driveway.

Peeking through the woods, I spied quite a mob of mallards had swarmed the feed bowl.  We're feeding a lot of ducks!

I spent yesterday morning cooking and baking for Thanksgiving.  (Jack baked the pumpkin pie!). 

We are having our farm family dinner on Friday so as not to conflict with other dinners.  Today, we will have Thanksgiving dinner with our across-the-fence friend, Jim and Kathy (our tradition).  As a result of all the food prep, our chickens had their feast for yesterday's lunch.  

In case you noticed our absence yesterday, I was away from the farm all of Tuesday, grocery shopping and helping out with the Littles on moving day.  Because I did not get back home until late evening... writing a blog took a backseat to the rest of the evening.

While wonderful for some, the holidays can be a difficult time for others.  Please know how grateful I am for this online farm family.  I would love to serve each and every one of you at my Thanksgiving table... what fun that would be!  Please know, as I reflect on all for which I am grateful, that you are on the list.    May your Thanksgiving day be peaceful.  

Sending love, from the farm.


colleen said…
You better be careful of what you start, you may have to buy a lot of jackets :). Do you suppose the ducks realize what "lucky ducks" they truly are?
Jack, your pumpkin pie looks scrumptious...pumpkin is my favorite.
Bev, I'm very grateful that you and BHA have been a part of my online family for many years. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xoxoxox
Linda said…
You have such a kind heart Bev and bring joy into each day with your writing. Thank you for starting my day with a smile. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jack and your farm family.
Jeannie said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Beverly. I am thankful for your blog!
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well! We are blessed beyond measure.

R Hill
Diane said…
Marcia LaRue said…
Wishing you, Jack and all the critters a peaceful Thanksgiving Day! ๐Ÿ—
daisy g said…
So thankful for you and yours at BHA. It is one of the best parts of my day! Blessings to you all!
Jody Watts said…
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and the farm family! May all the blessings you give your readers, come back twofold to you and your family...humane and nonhuman.
This N That said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Bev! Thankful that you share your farm life with us.
Deb S. said…

Happy Thanksgiving!
Sally said…
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Junebug said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you and the entire farm family all these years! You are my morning positive starter to the day. Much love!
PandaLover0205 said…
I hope you and yours has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
God bless you all.
Lynne in Georgia :-)
Judy G said…
Happy Thanksgiving from my little homestead in Arizona. I’m very thankful for you and your blog. ๐Ÿ’•
Karen said…
As a lot of the times - I teared up over your 'introduction' - SO well said. Lots of love from our family (four footed and otherwise:) to yours! Enjoy this wonderful holiday! xoxox Karen from the Pacific Northwest.
Carolyn said…
Thank you for brightening all of our days, Bev! Hope your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as ours has been.
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am happy to give thanks for your blog and the joy it brings. - nuri
littlemancat said…
Coming in late with a Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone,furry,feathered,and everything else at the farm. And to all the other readers here.
Your words,kind deeds,caring for "all creatures great and small" send out a peaceful,yet powerful message.
Grateful for YOU!
Unknown said…
Praying blessings over the holiday season. May we each find a way to serve one another. May the lessons from your piggy friends show us to reach out and help the lonely, making new friends part of our family. Lisa G in TN
Sally said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and all of your farm animals. I enjoy ypir blog so much.
A very Happy Thanksgiving to you Bev, and Jack and your whole family there on the farm. Thank you for making each day so memorable with your wonderful posts which teach us something new so often and help us to learn what's happening in your beautiful corner of the world. I wouldn't miss a day of your blog, Bev. You're the best. Thanks for your very kind words too. I'm sure we would all love to sit at your table enjoying a meal with you and getting to know you even better. Thanks so much for all you do!