Despite Ongoing Negotiations, Strike Continues

 Ahhhhh.... now this is more like it!  The oppressive heat and humidity have moved on for now.  Yesterday morning was cool and spectacular.

The equines had been out in the pasture since 4 AM, so it was time to bring them in for their vitamin chow.  They always come in when called... single file...

as do the donkeys.

I could tell, though, from Chloe's face what she was thinking as she returned to her yard.  

Those eyes said, "No &$!#% way am I putting that fly mask on!"

I bartered with her.  After all, I had the chow... and if she wanted her morning chow, she would have to acquiesce.

Still, she would have nothing to do with my plan.  I used my sweetest, most loving voice... thanking her for wanting to put on her fly mask.

Nope, no way, not happening.  NO!

Her little pretend, side-step kick told me she meant what she said. 

On mornings like this I know better than to fight with her.  I am no match.  So, I declared her the Winner and dutifully server her her breakfast.  I am, after all, a mere peasant in the hierarchy of equines.. at least to Chloe.

Not so with the horses, however.  I am definitely the grand matriarch of the herd.  

I was out cleaning up manure, mid morning, (I try to clean it up often otherwise Moonie eats it... he's starving, dontcha know!) and the horses were involved in mutual grooming.

I thought it the perfect time to jump right in to the process and get some dirty ponies cleaned up a bit!

I quickly trimmed all five bridle paths (a swatch of mane at the top of the head) 

then began to brush manes and tails.  As I brushed Ollie's beautiful white mane, 

I felt Moonie nosing around my bottom.  Not in the mood for a butt scratching by horse teeth, I moved a little to the side.  Much better!  Thank you, but no thank you!

And for that, you get one big nosey kiss!!

As for Chloe... no nosey kisses today, my friend... you are on the naughty list!


They do keep you on your toes! Never a dull moment and I am sure you would not trade a minute of them.
Loving the cool morning today!
This N That said…
What a beautiful day!!!.Finally...Oh, that Chloe!!! Love the pictures..Have a great weekend..
jaz@octoberfarm said…
your donkeys and my chow chows have a lot in common.
nuri said…
Oh yes, loud and clear (and funny!), Chloe's body language, and you sure captured it beautifully. Also, Moonie's most kissable nosey...