A Piggy Update

It's quite warm again right now, so we are back to early mornings in the upper pastures.   Yesterday morning gave the horses a bit of a break.  A dense cloud cover kept the sun away for much of the morning.

Moonie enjoyed a good roll in the cool grass before settling down to grazing.

I love this kind of morning.  Unfortunately it was followed by a hot afternoon.

 I honestly don't know what to make of our pig situation.  I am on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  One day, I feel like it might be the last day... and the next day it feels like we are headed in the opposite direction.

I was worried early yesterday morning.  Only Ginger came out to the treat box for graham crackers.  MaryAnn was no where to be seen.

Happily, a little later, MaryAnn did get up for breakfast.  YAY!!  She had refused her dinner the previous night.

Both pigs spent all morning napping.  

Mid afternoon, I brought them a carrot treat and they both enjoyed that.  

 Then a few minutes later, MaryAnn came out into her yard and asked for a special drink. This pig always loves a good, fresh drink right out of the watering can.  I had just filled the can with cold, well water and she chug-a-lugged a good bit of it.

The she started shoveling the ground with her snout as she does when she is looking for cool, moist ground - so I poured the rest of the water onto that spot and she flopped right down and rolled in the mud.

Again... a very good sign.

It's been this way for the past week... one step forward, two steps back.  Maybe now we are headed in a good direction.  I am keeping my hopes up and saying a prayer.

As for the rest of the crew... everyone is doing their best at getting through the current heat wave.  A lot of sleeping....

Also, grasshopper days are here!  There are tons of these guys all over the place.  At first you think you see a lot of butterflies, and then you realize that it's grasshoppers flying!!

The yarn that I ordered for my next knitting project arrived.  Now it's time to wind it all into balls.  Then, back to knitting I go!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
the w's are having all sorts of weather-related problems. maybe maryann is too. i hope we get cool weather soon and see all of these things resolve.
colleen said…
Keep cool MaryAnn, I'm rooting for you. I bet she loved it when you put the rest of the water on the ground for her to lay in. You think of everything.
I have been getting the knitting itch for about a week now. Your yarn is gorgeous. xoxo
My heart goes out to you riding the emotional roller coaster considering Maryann. I have currently ridden it many times and am doing so again. I have a sweet 13 year old kitty named Annie that is having liver issues. One day she is doing amazing, the next I worry with yowling, not eating, vomit…. Quality of life is my guideline and as you said, just when you think you have come to that day, she perks up. Hugs for this tough journey….
This N That said…
Let’s hope this is not Maryann‘s final rally. Glad she had a better afternoon yesterday. Your yarn colors are beautiful. I am hoping that the umbrella over Mechanicsburg goes away today and we get some much-needed rain. Enjoy your day. Hope it’s a good one. Hugs and
Lynne said…
I hope the heat wave moves on out
and the piggies, plus everyone, gets a break.
Roller Coaster rides like that are not fun!
Karen said…
I worried about Mary Ann ALL day long! When I told my husband about her - I burst into tears (and I can't talk when I'm crying - it's all high pitched and you can't understand a thing I'm saying:) She is truly loved by us all - give her extra belly scratches from Arlington, WA! What a beloved pig she is . . .
Oh so sorry you guys have that darn heat again. I hope it moves away soon. Glad to hear that MaryAnn has rallied a bit. I'm sure it would be easier on everybody if it would cool off. I know you do your best to make life comfortable for all. Even as you worry about sweet MaryAnn you know to make the best of every day. I will pray with you that she can stay around awhile yet as long as she's not in terrible pain.
Agent X, not said…
Good thoughts and prayers sent. Our fur (and none fur) babies are family too. Anytime you miss a blog, it is understood life happened, and you will share when time and circumstances allow it. Peace be with you on this journey through the circle of life.
Marcia LaRue said…
No new post ... I fear poor Mary Anne may have taken a turn for the worst!
I agree with Marcia. I have been worried with no post that you lost Maryann. Something has happened. Hugs and prayers…..❤️🙏
Sheila said…
Holding you in my thoughts. Hoping all is well.
Judy said…
Keeping you all in my prayers.
Oh dear....worried that you don't have a post today. May all be well with you and your beautiful critters. Know that we are all holding you in our hearts these days. Take care Bev and family.