We Need A Little Help

 Seven years ago, two little lambs came to live on the farm.  One was white.

One was black.

Both were almost too cute for words. We were smitten.  Their Mama, Gracie, was the sweetest old sheep and she came as part of a package deal.

Years passed and, sadly, so did Gracie.

And now we are left in a quandary.  We are hoping that maybe you can help.  Could you help us find our black sheep?  We just don't know where she could have gone.

We look out across the pasture, and all we see are two dirty-brown sheep. 

It's certainly puzzling.

At least her nose is still black!

We had another lovely, cooler, cloudy day again yesterday.  

I spent much of the day scouring my favorite briar patches for blackberries.  They are large and luscious this year... the biggest berries ever!

I spent way more time searching for berries that I had intended, but, I found so many that I hated to have them shrivel up on the plants.  And so, I risked limb and skin (those jaggers are nasty) to harvest as many berries as I could.  They'll make the best pies and jam this winter!

You might notice behind the berries is a jar of gladiolas.  They are lovely at this time of year, but they always fall over... so they become indoor arrangements.

Photo credit - Hubbs

Yesterday was also baking day.  I had mixed up some multi-grain, seeded sourdough on Tuesday and let it out on the counter to rise overnight.  As you can see... rise, it did!  It started out at the level of my finger and rose like crazy!

It made the most beautiful loaf....chewy crust, soft, airy crumb.  A perfect loaf -  (They don't always turn out  quite this nice.)

While the oven was already hot, I also roasted a bunch of tomatoes.  I will freeze these for use in recipes this winter.

Guinea update:  Quite unbelievably, our guinea teens return to the duck house to roost each night. 

 I had thought perhaps they would begin to roost in the tree next to the barn, but it seems they prefer the duck house.  Now that they are almost full grown, the single roosting rail that is in that house has gotten too small for all of the birds.  Hubbs added another roost, perpendicular to and higher than the first roost.

It took them no time to find it and figure it out.

I must also add that this group of birds is now free-ranging all over the farm.

  And still, each night, they return home to roost.  What good guineas!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
smarter than the average guineas! we have nasty high humidity here.
Beautiful berries! I enjoy seeing your culinary creations of breads.
We got slammed with rain last night. It poured for about an hour. Love your pretty glads!
Anonymous said…
what do you do to roast the tomatoes they look delious
Sheryl Harrison said…
Gladiolus are my favorite flower because my grandmother and mother planted them and used them for cut flowers in the house. I have grown them every year since becoming a homemaker and gardener. I also had the problem of the flowers falling over. Years ago I read to prevent that, plant the bulbs deep, 6" or 7". I rarely have a fallen flower stem so I believe planting bulbs deep is a solution.
Marcia LaRue said…
Baa baa Black Sheep where have you gone?
Oh, there you are looking cute as ever! LOL
That pink Glad is gorgeous ... Kudos to Hubbs for a perfect shot!
Your loaves of bread are always picture perfect!
The guineas have turned out to be quite the surprise ... Who knew they could be home imprinted ... lucky for them and you!
The berries are definitely the berries! Yum!!!
Another perfect start to another day's visit to BHA!
This N That said…
I know how you feel..I used to have a pretty silver gray dog who is black at the present time....but starting to lighten up as she ages..funny how that happens..
Your Blackberries look yummy..I thought they were done!!
I can almost taste the blackberry Jam on that bread...Warm
Good Guineas!!!
Still..no rain!!
nuri said…
Could it be that shearing time is here? And then your pretty black sheepie will miraculously reappear??
Seems you have raised a flock(?) of particularly smart Guineas, congrats!
Bee Haven Bev said…
These sweet gals have been sheared for the year...in May. They are now growing back their wooly winter coats. There were no black sheep beneath those fleeces!!
That bowl of berries is soooooo beautiful. Enjoy! Love your two sheep even if they do both look alike these days. Love your bread too....mmm I can almost smell it from here.
Lynne said…
Blackberry jam and fresh bread . . .
Can’t get any better!
nuri said…
@ Bee Haven Bev: Now that you mention it... :) Well, the light color is very becoming as well, especially with the cute dark nosey. Thank you for reminding me! I wish you another perfectly lovely weekend. - nuri
Katmom said…
YAAA! no more goofy Guinees... these like living in the High Rent District as opposed to the random trees...lol!