A Choice To Make

Late yesterday afternoon I was faced with a dilemma.  I had a choice.  Stay home and write my normal lengthy blog post (believe me, sometimes it is quite a process).  Or... accompany Hubbs on a date - a late afternoon movie (when the theatre is almost empty) and dinner al fresco at one of our favorite local restaurants.

It actually wasn't that much of a choice at all.  I was prepared to contritely apologize for shirking my writing task.  And then, as we were putting the animals to bed last night, this happened.

We usually always have the pleasure of enjoying our beautiful sunrises, as our farm faces east and visibility is perfect.  Sunsets, though present, are rarely witnessed, as we are at the top of a ridge, with a whole lot of woods between the barn (where we spend our sunset hour) and the setting sun. 

 We often see a hint of the sunset... watching wistfully, wishing we could enjoy the entirety.

Last night, however, the skies cooperated.  It began as we were just finishing cleaning the front pasture of manure.

As we worked around the barn, it progressed.

"Red sun at night, sailors delight!"  I am delighted to say that tomorrow's weather is finally to be a bit cooler.  Our highs should only reach mid-eighty's.  This will be such a welcomed relief to all!

As the sun disappeared behind the trees, and the sky grew dark, we finished tucking in all of our friends and headed home...

past the happy twinkling lights of Maven Haven.

Goodnight, all... tomorrow's another day!


Jody in Georgia said…
Simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
colleen said…
Words can't even describe!! The best part is you captured it for us. xoxo
This N That said…
I noticed that the sunset was beautiful last night as well. Not as beautiful as that. I hope you still went on your date? Hugs
Tracy said…
Stunning thank you!
Marcia LaRue said…
Sun rises and sun sets ... two of the most beautiful times of the day! Thank you for sharing yours with us!
Chris T said…
In the UK we have a saying, red sky at night, shepherd's delight, red in the morning, shepherd's warning. The same idea with different words.
Thank you for the incredible pictures of the sunset. Amazing. Hope you had your date too!
Lynne said…
Gorgeous color in that sunset.
And have you noticed the days getting shorter!