Moving Day

 Last summer I spoke of it as being a bountiful summer.  

It seems that this summer is following suit. 

 I wonder if, indeed, summers are any different than they ever were - or is it me?

(Photo credit: Jack)

  Have I had a subtle change in the way I look at life?  Perhaps.

It's true, though... we have enjoyed bountiful sun and bountiful rain - the most perfect mixture for vegetative growth. 

 And though these conditions also bring about the necessity for mowing, I cannot complain.  Time spent mowing is also spent listening to books.  I just finished "Where The Crawdads Sing" and enjoyed it immensely.

It was a full and busy weekend, on and off the farm.  Friday was moving day for the Guinea Tweens.  Hubbs wrangled them two by two and placed them into two dog crates that we keep for just this purpose.  

Then, slowly, he transported them on the back of the golf cart to their new home.  

Thus begins phase two of their life-training.  

They will live in the duck yard with the runner ducks for the next month with the goal of acclimating them to this area of the farm as their home.  Our mature guineas roost in the maple tree just outside of the duck house.  We are hoping that these youngsters, when freed will follow suit and roost there as well.  We are also hoping that in times of inclement winter weather, they will be more inclined to join their elders back inside the shelter of the duck house.

It was quite funny, the first day... as the tweens followed the ducks wherever they went.

Slowly, with time, however, everyone settled in to a new routine in new surroundings.... even roosting on the roosting bar at night, high above the duck's heads.

The elders stop by on occasion to check out the youngsters.  This group of elder guineas have been with us for many years, and so, will hopefully serve as good mentors for the youngsters.

Saturday was filled with early morning vaccinations... all of the horses, dogs, pigs, barn cats received their vaccinations against disease. 

 It's quite a job... and thankfully all were well behaved.  Although, anyone passing by would have thought that the pigs were being sent to slaughter.  Geesh, what a fuss!  Thankfully it is over and forgotten, quickly!

After vaccinations, the rest of the day was spent watching Tyler's swim meet, swimming with the grands, and attending Mackenzie's first ballet recital. 

 There are so many girls enrolled in her ballet school.  They put on quite a show.  I have to admit, the tiniest of girls brought tears to my eyes as they danced their hearts out!  They were so adorable, so innocent and enthusiastic.

Sunday was a quieter day.  We awoke to a beautiful morning, did the chores, and harvested much from the garden.

I used the squash and other veggies from the garden to make an Italian stew (much like ratatouille) for the freezer (hearty meals for cold days).  While that simmered away in the crockpot, Hubbs and I took a long, country bike ride.

Notable sights:

Sweet peas growing by the roadside...

Sweet, curious cows...

Day lilies, blooming everywhere...

My favorite road in our area - rock wall on one side, creek on the opposite side...

Lastly, on the way back home, we passed by our hundred acre woods on the right.  This road always reminds me of a forest cathedral - the way the trees arch across the road and touch in the middle.  Beautiful nature... never disappoints!

Upon our return home, we stopped by the barn to do afternoon chores and found all of the horses crowded into one stall, as they always do, enjoying the fans.  There are other fans - they could spread out, but they always seem to like to be crowded in one small space all together. ❤️

There are no more barn swallow babies in the nests.  All are out and about, catching and eating their share of insects.

It's a good thing we arrived home when we did, because minutes later, the sky clouded over and thunder rumbled...dumping a wonderful, heavy rain shower on the farm. 

 Just in time... no watering needed!


Dee J. Hartman said…
Busy, busy, busy, busy!
Busy as a bee!!!
Bev, with Hubs, is always that...
Much more, much more, than me!

(I know the grammatically correct pronoun
should be "I" instead of "me" but
I like words that rhyme, ...all the time!)
Lynne said…
Lucky you on that rain . ..
We are in need!

I enjoyed seeing, reading about the Guinea’s relocated,
vegetable garden “giving plenty,”
ballet princess,
country road ride,
Where the Crawdads Sing - read
and so much more . . .
Always a lovely read/see on Monday mornings!
Melinda said…
Wonderful Weekend. I began reading the same book just yesterday!
Junebug said…
A good Monday morning to you! A busy and fun weekend you had! I am trying to read Where Crawdads Sing, but have difficulty getting into in. My sister loved it. I will pick it.up again and try. Have a great week!
Marcia LaRue said…
The flowers are magnificent as always!
Mac is such an adorable little ballerina in her dance outfit!
I love going on your bike rides with you ... I have not been on a bike in way too many years!
Thank you for another great start to a new week! July is knocking at June's door!!
This N That said…
Sounds like another busy weekend for you at BHA..
I think the guineas will be just fine with their mentors..Hope so.
I remember vaccinating the goats...What a job that was!!
Mack looks darling.
We have been blessed with rain of late..Happy not to have to water for awhile..
Where I grew up big, old oaks and Maples hung over the narrow streets..Beautiful..That is one thing I notice when I go back..
Enjoy your week..Hugs
Anonymous said…
Busy, busy! Mackenzie looks precious in her costume. I will have to look up the recipe for ratatouille. If you like Crawdads, you might try Fannie Flagg’s books. I recently finished listening to Louise Penny’s mystery series. Set in Quebec. Highly recommend. Have a great day! Kim in Texas
I have loved seeing and hearing about the barn swallows. When our barn was different, I used to await their return, watch as eggs hatched and then babies flew the nest. Swooping and soaring, gobbling up insects galore. I miss them…. Thanks for sharing. Deb