May I Take Your Order, Please?

 I spent a bit of yesterday morning in the garden... watering, weeding, and harvesting.  I spied a potato peeking out of the ground.  In order to keep it from turning green... I dug it up.  Also... our first teeny tiny Sunsweet cherry tomato was ready.

Everything is coming in all at once! 

Green beans...


Squash - I'm harvesting pattypan, zucchini, and yellow squash daily.  I try to pick them while they are small... otherwise there is just too much to eat.  The ones I miss, that grow too large, become treats for the chickens.

They love squash!

There are also many baby butternut squash that will be ready later in the summer.

Lots and lots of cucumbers are hanging and growing.

And every one of those yellow blossoms will be another cucumber!

Peppers are hanging on the plants, but still need weeks to ripen.

I planted this box half full of kale (back half), and half full of beets (front half). As you can see, I have successfully grown a beet.  One beet.  Thankfully, beets are not our favorite - although I love them pickled.

As I was watering, I happened to see this fellow hiding in one of my tiny fairy gardens.

My favorite roses are blooming.  This tiny bush is tucked between a couple of other bushes in our front garden.  I am afraid to transplant it... afraid it might die.  So, I look for it each year and just enjoy the blossoms... even though they are not a focal point in the garden.

I baked stuffed pretzel rolls yesterday... 28 of them... all stuffed with ham and cheese and mustard.  They make an easy lunch and are a family favorite.

Yesterday I noticed that our barn swallows are just about ready to fledge.  All of a sudden, the nest is quite overflowing...

I just have to share this video of our 18 month-old granddaughter, Wren.  I am sure this will bring a smile to your face.   It sure did ours!

Just in case that video is not embedded in this blog you can view it HERE... and it's worth a view!

While we are on the subject of our kids....  this little one's parents just opened an Etsy shop.  Take a look at their wonderful creations.  Werner-Creative on Etsy


colleen said…
Your garden is magnificent! I'm glad we have chickens to give overgrown produce to as that way I don't feel it has been wasted. Thanks for sharing the swallows. What a lovely sight to see. The roses are knock dead gorgeous!! I can see why you wouldn't want to transplant and risk losing them. I would request your little waitress any day (what a cutie) and I would order your baked stuffed pretzel rolls.xoxox
Fantastic garden! So satisfying when the hard work pays off in tasty goodness.
Pretzel rolls look delicious. How do you store them?
Wren is the sweetest little waitress. What a cutie!
daisy g said…
It seems like you just planted everything! Y'all must get more rain than we do. How do you prepare your kohlrabi? We put our zucchini/squash in the freezer for the chooks. Veggie-Pops!

What a sweet lil' waitress! So attentive!

Enjoy this gift of a day!
Lynne said…
The veggie gifts are many!
Wonderful . . .
Snuggled toad was fun, (or is it called frog?)
I guess I will have to look that up.
I think your ‘busy” has arrived!

Loved Wren and the shopping list!
And the Etsy shop treasures are exceptional!

sillygirl said…
I found a new-to-me way to eat beets. First peel raw beets and then slice very thin pieces - eat! Do the previous and put in a mixture of vinegar and a little sugar and a little-little of salt - maybe a little water in there too. Refrigerate and eat at your leisure - these keep for a long time. Be sure to slice the beets as thin as possible.
Tracy said…
Loved the video....such a darling
This N That said…
Your garden looks amazing as do those pretzel rolls. Yum. Darling video. She’s so smart! Enjoy your day hugs
littlemancat said…
Awww - such a sweet waitress! Isn't it wonderful how we now can share these kind of things with our family and friends? We do the Marco Polo app a lot and it's wonderful.
Love those veggies and that rose! The color's wonderful.
Have a great day!
Marcia LaRue said…
I love any and all of the squash -- delicious!
Wren ... What a sweet little bird she is! If she ever has to do waitress work ... she has it down pat! LOL
That rose looks like orange sherbet! Beautiful!
Pretzel rolls ... OMG ... A half dozen, please!
Melinda said…
Oh how I miss fresh vegetables. My grandparents used to have a garden so I remember well the fresh taste. So very different from what we bring home from the store. We have several "farmers market" around us but it is usually not fresh items from the garden but items for sale that the vendors bring out.
The baby is ADORABLE !!
I just loved that sweet video of your little Carolina Wren! Takes me back to when my kids were little like that. Soooo fun. I checked out their etsy shop too....some pretty cool things there! Love how robust your garden seems so early for things to be fully grown already...oh how we love those sunsweet tomatoes! What do you do with your pattypan squash? I've never had those. I love the butternuts though! Seems like things always grow so wellat your house....except maybe the beets? :) I love them pickled too! Thanks for a great post, Bev. So many great things included!
Oh, I forgot to mention that your pretzel rolls looks delicious and I adore your orange roses. I think I can smell them from here!
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