A Million Little Blessings

 There is nothing stagnant about Mother Nature.  She seems to possess an unending stream of creativity.  Leaves unfurl, blossoms open, bees buzz, eggs hatch... there's always something new and exciting happening in nature.  Every day is vital - no minute squandered.

There is something so energizing about walking or sitting quietly in nature and simply watching.  All of one's senses become engaged in all that is around.  Suddenly, while listening to the gentle birdsongs in the trees, the wind chimes begin to tinkle and a cool breeze is felt gently lifting the hairs on one's arm.  With that breeze comes a thousand subtle fragrances - carried over miles to tempt those who ride that breeze by wing.

I sat for a while, yesterday afternoon on the front porch of Maven Haven.  Making myself small and still, I waited... hoping to catch a photo of the male ruby-throated hummingbird that dines amongst the bee balm now blooming there.

With sunlight at a premium in this area, the bee balm has grown tall - almost 5 ½ feet - reaching for the sun's energizing rays.  Its blossoms look otherworldly, like a product of some alien landscape.

But, that red - that brightest of all reds - is more than the hummingbirds can resist.  They ignore my presence and consume the sweet, sticky nectar that waits for them here.

We've noticed that someone has made a home beneath this tiny cottage... a front door so boldly placed at the end of the walkway.  I think I'll put a game camera here to see just who my new neighbor is!

It's another perfect summer day... begun with a soaking rain shower, and ended with the bluest of skies.  I finished morning chores in the rain and met an old friend on my way home from the barn.

I am so enjoying every moment of this season. 

Hubbs and I took a trip over to the hundred acre wood.  He had a few chores to take care of in that area, and I longed to soak up a little of all the happenings in our "field of dreams".  The field is awash with the dusty purple of thousands of thistle plants. 

 And the air is electrified with the hum of pollinators and finches enjoying the thistle.

The forest floor is so green right now.  Ferns cover every area that sunlight reaches. 

 The pathways through the forest are covered with grasses.  Everything is lush and alive.  It's hard to see the critters that call the forest home these days, as there are so many thickets in which to hide.

I notice, however, on our way out of the woods, a pair of eyes staring our way.

A large doe watches us as we leave the forest; then she scampers off to another area... far away from curious human onlookers.

On the way home, we stop at the garden.  I cut some fresh flowers for the house,

and gathered the first of the Sun-sweet cherry tomatoes (our favorite).

This particular day is ending with a cooler evening and a chilly night - perfect for all of the animals.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  Life is good.


Jeannie said…
Beautiful post! Thank you!
Beautiful days! You have such a wonderful way of taking us along with you when you describe all the beauty around you. Since moving, our little corner is much different. Though I enjoy being closer to the little ones, I do miss the loveliness of nature that surrounded our old home. There were trees and berry bushes, flowers and animals. This isn't the city but it isn't quite as rural as we are used to. What's the saying? You can take the gal out of the country.....
Thanks for an excellent post and letting us enjoy these things with you.
Lynne said…
Following, reading, enjoying one of the best ever . ..
I felt every single minute . . .
Thank you Miss Beverly.
Jody in Georgia said…
Your posts always start my day with a smile and a spring in my step. It's going to be a busy day here for me, but I look forward to it being a good day! Thanks.
Ann said…
Such lovely photos of the Maven Haven garden! The light adds a bit of mystery to them.
littlemancat said…
Such a beautiful post - I felt the joy and love in every word. A magical summer day so well described and appreciated.
Anna said…
Very pretty! I also love the way the dappled sun shines through the trees onto the forest floor. I get some of my best photos on these summer evenings.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
you have been so lucky to get so much rain. it keeps just missing us and we are bone dry and the ground is cracked. i have SO much watering to do i feel like it's all i do. we have wonderful weather today and tomorrow and then the dreaded heat and humidity return. but, the days are getting shorter and fall is not so far away!
Hi Bev,
Such a beautiful post. Everything is so lush and green, dappled with all the beautiful flowers. Thank you for taking me along