Weekend Fun

Summer had an early start this weekend.  Saturday brought temperatures that climbed into the mid-nineties.  

I am happy to report that Chester is doing well.  We have freed him from his cone as he has not been bothering with his nose since his surgery.  He was happy to get out of the house for some fun this weekend!

Our Littles were here for a visit on Saturday.   In order to escape the heat while still being able to be outdoors, we headed to the creek.  

Their new(ish) rescue pup, Jasper, loves the water - so he was in his element.

It seems our littlest Little, Eli, also loves the water. 

 There was no keeping him out - completely fearless! 

We had a wonderfully fun day, driving kids' gator (as you can see - little Eli is going to be another gator-lover!)

visiting with the animals,

and playing with the hose (our friend, neighbor, and farm helper, Anna, brought her two girls to join in the water play.)

Saturday night brought storms.  Amazingly, we have not yet had to do any watering.  It seems to rain at precisely the time watering is needed.  With all of this moisture comes an explosion of mushrooms,

and garden flowers.

Sunday brought fog in the morning,

100% humidity - like a sauna,

followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon...another day without watering needed.

As for news around the farm...

The guinea babies are doing great!  All 24 have survived their travels and the first four days here.  They are eating and growing like crazy!

Eggatha is still laying her daily egg at the barn.

And... do you remember the long-haired orange cat that had been hanging around the house?  After days of not seeing him, we have discovered that he is living in the hayloft of the barn.  He hides behind the hay bales as soon as we enter the barn.  I am hoping with time he will come to trust us.  Otherwise, we will end up with two Half Cat Pats!  Do two Half Cat Pats make a Whole Cat Pat?

I'll work on getting a photo of him.

I did a little bread baking this weekend...

and started a new knitting project using a method called "assigned pooling".  I am using a variegated yarn and knitting these little swirly stars whenever a patch of white occurs in the yarn.  By the end, I think this shawl will look like stars in a night sky.  


jaz@octoberfarm said…
do the littles have trouble leaving the farm when it is time to go home? i know i would!
This N That said…
Looks like another fun weekend at the farm. It’s like a vacation spot for the kids happy that the yellow cat has found a spot to be safe and probably fed. I guess the other cats Don’t mind its being there. Interesting new knitting project. Cool!
Glad it has cooled down for now.
I can’t believe how big the guineas are already.
Have a happy week. Hugs
Gwen said…
I’m thankful for not having to water yet as well!
Eileen in Fla. said…
The 'Happy Place Farm'!
Looks like it was another super fun, if hot, weekend at your place. Love all the pictures and news....wow your flowers are popping up in beautiful colors everywhere. So fun to see the littles walking thru the water and visiting the animals! And riding in the Gator! Your guinea babies are really growing fast. Glad Chester is doing well! Thanks for a great post!
Lynne said…
Nineties . . .
Warming up FAST!
I love when the rains bring just
enough water to make everything
pop right out there for everyone to see!

Liked the creek walk!

Come on out “orange” . . .
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