The Breakfast Club, Breakfast Food, and Thought For The Day

Every morning, when we arrive at the barn, we are greeted by four kitties - anticipating their breakfast. Yesterday morning, something seemed different - I had to count them twice.  There was Pete, then Bea Fun, then Moll, then Bea Run.  And then - now wait a minute, there's never five - Gus!!

After months of never leaving the hayloft (at least not while we are in the barn), Gus finally has become comfortable with the presence of the dogs.  So comfortable, that he decided to join the Breakfast Club.

While Gus may not be the handsomest of our kitties, with his chronically runny nose and eyes and his Buddha belly, he is, perhaps, one of our most affectionate (after Velcro Pete, that is). 

Gus came to us neutered, of unknown age, but completely comfortable with humans - his history unknown.   He's our dark haired mystery man.  (But then, I guess most of our barn cats are mysteries.)

He still spends much of his day lounging in the hayloft (you don't cultivate the perfect Buddha belly by running around outside, ya know!)

Upon seeing one of us, though, he comes sauntering over for some affection.  I love this guy!

Yesterday, while out cleaning the front pasture, I came upon this lovely in the grass.

Hanging onto a blade of grass for dear life, I believe his two week adult lifespan had been foreshortened by an attack of some sort.  His left wing was sliced and too damaged for flight. 

 These cecropia moths are one of North America's largest moths and live their beautiful, winged, adult lives for the sole purpose of mating and leaving offspring.  During this single-focussed, last portion of their lives, they ingest no food or water as their mouth is non-functioning, and their digestive tracts are non-existent.

It was obvious that he would soon end his journey.  I was grateful to bear witness to a piece of his short life.

Naturally, while I was out in the front pasture, I shared a few moments with the pigs.

Who could resist this sweet face?

Who could resist how she offers her belly for a rubdown!

I love these old gals.❤️❤️❤️❤️

With the woods full of brambleberry blossoms, I felt the need to use up what I had frozen last summer, and made a few jars of jam...

and a branbleberry buckle (using my blueberry buckle recipe.)  Then I cut a slice and poured on some of the hot jam and had tea.  Heavenly!

Today's new blossoms:

purple sage,

and bearded iris, just beginning to open. 

Every day is a gift... there's nothing like Spring to remind us of this!  My beautiful moth friend also reminded me - none of us know when our wings will break - so best to live life to the fullest every single day!

It just occurred to me that this is this week's last post.  Have a delightful Memorial Day weekend.  We have no big plans at this time.  I hope to get in a bike ride, a t-ball game, and possibly a visit to a local Arts Festival.  I suppose all of that might be up to the weather!  Regardless, we'll have a good weekend - you have a good one as well!  See you Monday.


daisy g said…
Fascinating about the moth. I will have to share that with my boy.

Thank you for another great week of delight and distraction from reality. I so look forward to reading your blog each day.

Have a lovely weekend! Blessings from NC!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
have a wonderful weekend. today is our rain day and we sure do need it. i have no workers here for 5 days so i feel like i am on vacation!
billie said…
Lysine might help Gus with his runny nose and eyes. There are a few companies that make lysine “treats” especially for cats. We had a rescue who had similar issues and lysine made a big difference for her.
This N That said…
So glad Gus finally decided to join the family. It always happens eventually. Have a happy memorial day weekend. Sounds like most of the rain will be today. Interesting about the moth… Love your variety of flowers. I don’t think that there are many that you don’t have. I wish I had more space!hugs
Lynne said…
Enjoy your weekend . . .
A bike ride sounds perfect!

Like the “party of five” saying Good Morning!
Jeannie said…
Your posts this week have been a bright spot in yet another tough week for our country. Thanks for taking such good care of the kitties who live with you, as well as the rest of your animals. Your iris picture reminds me of a Van Gogh painting---such beautiful blues. Have a wonderful weekend!
Karen said…
Yes - your posts are so utterly divine! But I cry almost every time I read them too - for the heart felt posts. Today the butterfly story found me in a flood of tears - just beautifully written. A huge thank you . . .
Aww...I love all your kitties. Whatever happened to that pretty black and white one and the orange one? Bobby wasn't there either. Fun to see all the new flowers opening and shrubs blossoming at your place. Everything looks green and lush. Hope you have a great weekend!