The start of yesterday's morning chores were done in a downpour.  It was raining so hard, I decided to keep the horses in from the front pasture and feed them under the barn's front overhang.  Because it was too wet for gardening, I decided to run a few errands. And during that time another big storm passed through.

The garden is well-watered!

By early afternoon, the sun came out and the day turned beautiful.  There is nothing so fresh smelling as country air after a downpour (unless a local farmer has spread his fields with manure!). With the threat of storms temporarily passed, I opened the gate for the horses to go out in the front pasture.

There is nothing quite as peaceful as the sight of animals happily grazing!

This is the way I love the farm to look.

The horses had their couple of hours out and then I called them back into the dry lot for carrot treats.  With the horses in, it was time to let the sheep and pigs have the front pasture.  I could probably let them all out together, but the pigs have a way of ending up where they don't in the horses' dry lot - so it's just easier to separate their grazing times.  Also, the pigs can be a little scary when they insist upon "talking" to the horses.

I stopped by the garden and picked a bouquet of French breakfast radishes.  These are my favorite radishes... not too hot!

The lettuce, spinach and arugula are big enough to start to eat.  Fresh salad is finally on the menu!

I had cut these mountain phlox, honeysuckle, and tree peony blossoms after morning chores so that the storms would not decimate them.  This way I can enjoy them all day long.

I also wanted to show you how my Johnny jump-ups have spread over the past two years.  I started these in the greenhouse from seed two years ago.  

They are excellent re-seeders and have become a carpet of blossoms along our driveway.  These make a lovely garnish in salads!

While we are on the subject of edibles, I wanted to show you my violet vinegar...

I soaked violet blossoms in white wine vinegar.  The purple color from the blossoms infuses the vinegar with beta carotene (an antioxidant).  It makes a delicious salad dressing!

Years ago, I planted a wisteria vine on a tall wooden post that we had placed for a bluebird house.  Over the years, it has overtaken the pole and grown into a tree.  We keep it trimmed so that it does not become a jungle, as wisteria is prone to do.  This year we have many blossoms hanging from it.

Although wisteria can be terribly invasive, when manicured and kept somewhat contained, it is so lovely... and one of my favorite flowers!  Soon it will be covered with foliage and provide shade and a safe haven for the birds.  It does tend to send up suckers in the grass during the summer, but these are easy to keep under control.  Caution:  wisteria seeds and pods are highly toxic.

Speaking of safe havens... there's no place safe in the hemlock tree by the barn.  Pete the cat is quite adept at scaling this tree.  Here is he about 12 feet off the ground... just hanging out!  Birdies beware!

Poor Chester has a growth in his nose... and I wanted to show you, but he is a little camera shy!

As you can see, there is a pink growth in his left nostril.  (I have no idea why he is sticking out his tongue...silly boy.)  We've treated it with antibiotics for the past two weeks just in case it was an infected follicle.  Sadly, it has not gotten any better.

Chester has a veterinary clinic appointment on Thursday - so, hopefully we will get some answers about this at that time.  Poor little guy.☹️


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i hope chester will be okay! yesterday i had a meeting at the project just as it began to pour. i got soaked, dried out and got soaked two more times. it was much needed rain.
Lynne said…
Loving your pictures and stories . ..
Fresh salad sounds yum!

We need rain!
Send us some, please.

Always something . . .
Hope you find out about Chester’s nose.
woody said…
Chester will be prayed for daily. That’s not hard for my God. “The end of a matter is better than the beginning.” Found in Ecclesiastes.
wanda devers said…
Poor Chester! I hope it will turn out to be nothing serious.

Your flowers & garden are beautiful! My peonies were particularly beautiful this year but we only got to enjoy them briefly--rain & wind knocked them down!

All vegetables are up! They were up within 5 days of planting with no rain! Fastest ever. It was very exciting to me.
This N That said…
It didn't rain here until the late afternoon...We need it..Glad your new plantings got watered the easy way..
Pretty sky in your first pic!!
Poor Chester..hope it's nothing bad!
Hope all is well at BHA...Hugs
So glad you're getting good rain. We need it so badly here. Love seeing all the horses out in the wet grass, and then the sheep too. Your vegies are growing so fast and look so good and now you have fresh salads on the menu! Love all the pics today and your beautiful flowers. Sure hope Chester will be OK!
Katmom said…
Hugz to Chester...