Cold Days

Yesterday was blustery cold.  22 degrees when we first went out for chores.  By afternoon, the temperature had risen to 40.  How does everyone spend these chilly days?

Why, munching, of course.

Who is that peeking out from the pig house?

Two sheepy girls- who have found that the pigs' bedding can also serve as an easy source of snack food.

Meanwhile, sound asleep in the cozy warm corner surrounded by toasty warm sheep in wooly sweaters (the perfect fluffy insulation from cold winds... not to mention the warm heat lamp hanging overhead).  It's pure piggy heaven on a chilly day.

As for me.... this is my heaven on a cold day.

Tyler was my sidekick for the day yesterday.  He helped with chores...

and practiced driving the gator (can you believe he is old/big enough to do this?). 

We hiked the dragon-tree trail and scoped out all of the spots where the gnome houses will eventually sit.

As you can see, Bobby is always eager to accompany us on a hike.

We also spent a little time working on a watercoloring tutorial of this sheep...  Tyler's drawing/painting is on the right.  He loves to do artwork, too... so I am sure we will spend many hours together exploring this subject.

Why is it that my motivation for making Christmas gifts happens right about now and continues after the holidays?  I only wish that I got this bolt-of-lightening inspiration in June.  Then, I could have oodles of
wonderful handmades ready for Christmas.  As it is... I have so many ideas for cute little handmade gifts and not enough time to bring them to fruition.  

Every day I received emails with more ideas from my creative sources.  Fun little projects like these...tiny tree ornaments, or toppers for a wine bottle... Personally, I love anything with a pom-pom.

or this cozy, old-fashioned Christmas stocking...

Both patterns are available from Churchmouse Yarns.  I have made several of their patterns over the years and always love the end results!

I have decided that 2022 is going to be handmade year.  I am starting to work on Christmas gifts beginning on January 1st and continuing all year long.  This may be a hard-to-achieve goal as gardening eventually takes precedence.  Perhaps I just need a longer autumn season.  Well, I can't change time... so I guess I will just have to work on motivation!

While we are on the subject of creativity... Hubbs has started another gnome house.  This one he has made in the shape of a gnome hat.  It will sit on a particular stump that looks like a gnome head - complete with nose and ears.  I will paint eyes on the stump and then we will add this hat, painted red, of course.  I also think it needs a bell to hang from the tip of the hat.  

It wasn't until Hubbs' retirement that we realized we make a pretty good creative team!


colleen said…
Tyler, you have the drawing/painting gift also!! I love it!! Bev, you and Jack make the perfect creative team. I hear ya on starting early on the homemade gifts for next year (I say I'm going to do that every year). Just maybe 2022 will be the year :) I'm working on the grands 40 page micro mini book ornaments for THIS YEAR as I type... that's how I roll. Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours xoxox
Marsha said…
I love the sheep cards you are so creative!
Marcia LaRue said…
Wow! It's taken you this long to realize you and Jack are a great team? LOL I think you are just joshing us!! The newest Gnome house already looks adorable!
The little stocking hat ornaments are too darned cute ... the pompoms appear to be as big, if not bigger, then the hats themselves! LOL
Wishing you, Jack, and all your family and the visitors to BHA a wonderful, warm, love-filled Thanksgiving!!!
Agent X, not said…
Love the projects - I too get the creative burst of energy about the day after TG dinner. Que sera'... I enjoy your blog. You have a gift for sharing what many think, with kindness, and dose of action & inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jack, the fam, and all the fur babies.
Anonymous said…
Keep making cards after the holidays and but them in the "freezer" (Metaphorically.) sorta like fruitcake.
When I was a teacher, before holiday time was taken up with writing exams, and grading and
end of the term reports. So I finally decided to send out valentines cards. It worked well. I had time to write little notes and people were not so overwhelmed with all the crush of holiday "stuff"

Hope you and your family have wonderful holiday get togethers. Making memories is what it is all about.
Thank you for all the effort you put into a wonderful blogs, and your inspired prose.
Colleen ( from new Mexico)
This N That said…
Love the gnome hat..maybe a PomPom?? It has been cold but that doesn't change my daily routine..Mollie would have none of that..Are all orthopedic surgeons crafty?? I'll bet it helps..I've known several that where very talented in that area..Looks like Tyler is having fun on the farm!! Love the sheep..
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..hugs xxoo
Jeannie said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!