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 If anyone were to ask me how many barn kitties we presently have, I would have to answer "four and a half".  There's Pete, as you well know... who was feral just a few short months ago, and is now our number one velcro cat - stuck to us whenever possible. 

Then there are the twins, Bea One and Bea Two - 

indistinguishable to most - who were feral kittens three Thanksgivings ago.

Fourth kitty, Moll Flanders, age unknown, is a reformed woman of questionable repute, who found refuge in the barn several years ago and who has become our #1 pig-tender.

So, "what is a half cat?" you ask.  

That would be this one... Half-Cat Pat.  Hubbs dubbed her that on Friday as we watched her race from the barn across the front pasture and into the woods.  For the past several years, Pat (Pat, because... gender unknown) has been living part time in the barn.  Pat comes at least once daily and eats.  On cold days and nights, Pat finds a cozy warm bed beneath one of the heat lamps.  One temperate days, Pat can be seen out prowling the neighborhood.  So, you see... Pat belongs half to the barn and half to the wild.

Pat bears a very strange resemblance to Pete... in that her/his white markings are similar to Pete's.  We are wondering if perhaps Pat is Pete's Momma/Pappa.  Who knows?

Of course we can't forget Bobby.  He'll tell you he's not a barn kitty... although he started out as one.  Over the years, he gravitated to the garage, where he has a heated bed and his own personal food supply.  He still visits the barn every morning, though, just to keep the other kitties on their toes.

Yes, this fellow is quite spoiled.


We've been quite productive since our last chat. We started our weekend with a hearty breakfast.... sautéed cinnamon, honeycrisp apples...

topped with oatmeal and maple-glazed walnuts - a cozy break from our typical eggs and vegetables.   

After bringing the horses back to the barn from their early morning pasture time,

Hubbs and I headed out into the hustle and bustle to finish up our Christmas shopping.  

Driving through the countryside, we passed one of my favorite properties.

I love this little cabin on the pond.  It's front porch is a dock.  I imagine this is somebody's refuge from the world... truly a perfect, tiny place to get away and unwind.

We also visited some of the quaint little shops that we are privileged to have quite a few of here in the country.  I love to visit these shops before Christmas as a source of decorating inspiration.  

Christmas decorating will commence just as soon as the turkey becomes leftovers.  

We also stopped at our favorite pottery shop, Penn's Creek Pottery ... another local treasure.  This pottery studio and showroom are located in a very old mill.  All of the machinery is still in the mill, making this a wonderfully interesting place to visit.

  I love supporting our local artisans - so I bought this mug which is now my daily tea mug.  The colors make me happy... reminding me of my gardens in summertime.

With cold, wintry winds blowing, this weekend was definitely a weekend for tea - tea and the fireplace.

  I sat on this rocker - the only piece of furniture currently in our living room - and worked on my Christmas knitting projects.  Our couch arrives tomorrow... just in time for Thanksgiving guests!

Naturally, all of our activities are timed around the needs of our animals. 

 There are set times for feeding and chores here on the farm, and windows of opportunity between those times for other activities.

I can't help but think this is our animals' favorite season.  After weeks and weeks of heat, humidity, and bugs, it must be such a relief to spend days unencumbered by fly masks and biting pests.


Jack made big inroads with Chloe this weekend.  Normally, when he enters their yard, she turns on her heels and walks away.  Saturday, he spent some time scratching Daphne.  Chloe was quite curious and stood in line waiting her turn.  

She actually allowed Jack to scratch her neck for quite a while, but was really happy when he agreed to scratch her behind.  We imagined her thinking, "Now who's the ass?"

I received a few questions about my leather labels.  These labels were made by Hubbs' son Ryan.  He has a laser engraver and does all sorts of projects with that.  If you are interested in getting your own labels made, I can put you in touch with Ryan.   He and his wife have considered opening an Etsy shop, but our little Wren Marie has kept them very busy this past year!  (Her first birthday was yesterday!)


jaz@octoberfarm said…
when i grow up i want to have a barn full of kitties! i love how they all find you.
Anonymous said…
I just love all your pictures and updates!
Marcia LaRue said…
So many kitties ... So little time! I love them all! Moll should be classified as the resident "pig tenderizer" since tends to knead the pork when she is resting atop her favorite girl!
Thank you for a lovely start to this Thanksgiving week! May you and Hubbs and all of the Commenters have a wonderful Thanksgiving!🦃
This N That said…
I was worried when I didn't think Bobby was counted..Glad he's OK..Your breakfast sounds yummy..
Darling little cabin..looks perfect..Do you think it has plumbing?electricity..??
Love those little shops..I think I was to the PotteryShop years back..ALways liked those mugs..I keep my paint brushes and pens in them..
Yay Chloe..she finally came to her senses.
Ryan did a great job with those labels..very cool..
Can't believe Wren Marie is a year old already..
Have a great week..
Well....Happy Birthday to your little Wren!!! She's a real cutie. Wow doesn't a year go fast! I love all your kitties....I was worried when you didn't mention Bobby at the beginning...I was afraid something might have happened to him....glad he's still around, even if he is a bit spoiled! Maybe Pat is a brother or sister to Pete??? How interesting! Glad all the nasty bugs are gone and the critters can enjoy cool weather with no pests.
You have such a cozy home...thank you for sharing it all with us! Happy Thanksgiving!
Chris T said…
I enjoyed this story about your cats but I was wondering about the cat that lives with you in the house, is she/it still with you?
Lynne said…
Loved this introduction . . .
To the cats . . .
Pete warms my heart . . .
Enjoyed your post . ..
Exciting to think about new furniture . . .
Shop little boutiques for ideas and gifting.
Happy winding down days of November.