Let's Stick Together!

The comments from yesterday's post were a good reminder that no matter who we are, we are not immune to pain and heartache.

Difficult days arrive when we least expect it.  The past couple of years have taken their toll on all of us.  We live in a world that is quite different from the one we used to know.  And yet, each of us is still the same... a little older, yes.... a little wiser, hopefully.

Each of us is tasked with finding that little piece of blue sky...

that exists on a cloudy day.  (Sometimes you have to look a little harder!  Sometimes that requires ignoring the clouds, knowing that the blue sky lies just beyond.)

One thing is certain... life is easiest when we do it together!!

Mornings begin in the dark these days.  Waiting for the sun to rise puts me behind schedule, so I start the chores by the light of a head lamp. 

Days are quiet at this time of year.  The earth is slowing down... preparing to rest.  The fields are empty without the ducks and chickens out grazing.  

Our neighborhood bald eagle is still in the area, so the birds remain on yard arrest.

And with the week's rainy weather, I don't think they are minding too much. 

I was gone from the farm yesterday afternoon for a dentist appointment.   While I was away, Hubbs built the next gnome home.  We had a couple of leftover gnomes that are playing guitars...

so Hubbs built a gnome home that looks like a guitar!!  So stinking cute!

Pete assisted him in every way possible.  It's actually amazing that Hubbs got anything done at all... because Pete makes shop work very difficult!


colleen said…
I sense a campfire around that gnome home :) I love it!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love the gnome audience!
Nicole said…
I'm new to your blog. I've found that reading it and looking at your beautiful pictures fills me with a sense of calm and joy. Thank you!
Marcia LaRue said…
The Guitar Gnome Home ... so doggone cute!
Even though Pete may make working on the homes a tad difficult ... he just looks so darned cute doing that! LOL
Did you notice that the cloud picture actually has a heart in it? Sweet!!
Jeannie said…
I love the latest guitar gnome home. Gnome, gnome on the range, anyone?
This N That said…
Yes, life is not without its challenges..
I hope the chickens and ducks are soon out of house arrest..Those Eagles tend to stay around..especially during nesting season..Jan-August..Maybe they are picking out next years nesting territory..Hope they find another place..
Hubs did a super job!! Love the guitar gnome house..It reminds me of the shoe ice cream house..
So talented..
Enjoy this beautiful day..xxoo
woody said…
Gloomy or not gloomy, your blog is a ray of sunshine to me Beverly. Thank for sending them as you do.. since my hospitalization they have taken on a greater significance. Home Friday but will continue to look forward to your blogs. This is how I start my days is with this goodness. Blessings
leslye said…
I see Hubbs is very creative also.Love it!
Dianne said…
Pete channels Griz in so many ways. It's a beautiful thing to see. I'm sure you feel the same.
You guys are sooooo talented...I love every one of your gnome homes! Isn't that Pete just the cutest? Even though he likes to get in the way. Hard not to smile when he's around. You're right about looking for the patch of blue on those cloudy days. I love that orange and gold flower in one of your first pics today....wow! I can't imagine starting out the day wearing a headlamp...I guess you're used to it by now. Love your farm and blog. Wish that darned eagle would vamoose!
Lynne said…
Pete is so stinking cute . . .
To go along with that ”stinking” cute guitar gnome house!

OK, you had me at Gnomes but then I spotted the itty bitty Hedge Hogs and totally melted!
Tell JF he is Awesome! Between your hubby and mine,,, we could take over the wood working/crafting world!!! lol!
JF is so creative,, a Guitar Gnome Home!!!!