Now, this... this is Autumn!  

Finally, the weather has changed to brisk and windy.

The soundtrack of the day is one of my favorites - dry leaves blowing on a chilly October wind.

Our weekend weather ran the gamut.  Friday it was 80 degrees and sunny.

Saturday - rain.  But with that rain came three "Littles" visitors to the farm.  I somehow missed getting a photo of little Eli (maybe because he spent a good portion of the visit napping). 

Mackenzie could hardly wait to get out to the barn and spend some time with her Pete.

She loves this kitty.  It's hers, she says.  I'd have to agree.

I was excited to show the kids the finished gnome houses... although they will be much better when they are in place along the trail in the woods.

Our clinic Doctor arrived just on time... he checked out Hubbs' thumb and was pleased with his healing.  I made him a Mayo stand for all of his instruments.  Although, when I made the stand, I had no idea that our little gnome physician was so vertically challenged.

Between rain showers we took the kids on a trip to the woods in search of new mushrooms.  This dead tree is almost entirely covered in fungi.  Without the help of fungi, old dead trees would not rot and nourish the forest soil.

These two get just as excited over fungi as their Grammie.

We found the tiniest specimens... this one smaller than a pencil eraser.

These orange ones were quite small, as well!

Mackenzie found theses lovely ones on a broken branch... they remind me of delicate blossoms.

Friday was World Fungi Day... perfect timing.

Sunday the weather turned much colder - finally, what one would expect at this point in the season.

I worked on another gnome house... this time a flower shop.  I will finish it by mid week and share the finished model then.  In case you were wondering.... we are making all of these out of recycled barn wood and bits and bobs, and half-used paints that have been stored in the barn (except for the gnomes and accessories).  This one is a work-in-progress.

Thanks to the wet weather we've had, some of the pumpkins that decorated the farm have started to rot.  The chickens enjoy them as a treat... although it takes them a few minutes to figure out that they are edible.

By afternoon, half of this large pumpkin has been consumed.  I had read that pumpkins are a natural de-wormer for chickens... so the chickens are in charge of pumpkin recycling.

Working in the barn is getting increasingly difficult these days.  This fellow is always trying to lend a hand.  By the time I finished painting the gnome medical clinic (see Friday's post)... he had used his tail as a paintbrush!

What a helper!


daisy g said…
What a wonderful taste of the weather! That cloud-filled sky in your photo of the sweet donkeys is magical!
We woke up to 39 here in North Carolina today. The chooks will not be wandering out of the coop for a while, I suppose. Can't blame them, as most are molting.

I hope your week goes swimmingly! Blessings...daisy
Unknown said…
Had to laugh... In the last picture of Pete, the electric wiring on the back wall gave the illusion of crazy long whiskers! Had to do a double take. Lisa G in TN
Lynne said…
Weather made a full circle here as well.
Loving the cooler temps and blue skies!

Liking your visitors, Pete shows his growth
in Mackenzie’s arms. Once small, now a full load.

The houses have become quite the creative out let.
Visitors to the farm will enjoy them.

Good news . . . “docs injury” is healing.
Enjoy this October week!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
my daughter lined her patio with pumpkins and they are all in the neighbors yard, half eaten after being dragged by the squirrels. she watched deer, raccoons and other squirrels eating them all day. i love the gnome homes.
Marcia LaRue said…
I so look forward to my daily visit to BHA ... it is the best way to start any day!
Looks like Pete is practicing his equestrian style ... Hanging on for dear life! Lol


This N That said…
Loving the chill in the air..
Pete, like Zoey, in to everything?? Love those whiskers..
Your flower shop is darling..
This has been a great year for Fungi for sure..I see a face in the leaf above the "pencil eraser fungi"
Maybe you need to lower the Mayo or get the gnome a stool..
Enjoy your week..!!
Eileen in Fla. said…
I've been a patient at Mayo Florida and love everything about Mayo Clinic. I'm assuming they invented the protocol for the instrument stand. Yes? I know they are responsible for several medical standards & procedures including the Colo-Guard test. Thank you for sharing with us. I make it a point to learn something new every day.