Weekend Moments

 Thank you for all of the heartfelt sentiments and comments that you left for us on Friday regarding the loss of Griz.  If love is what gets our furry friends to heaven, then there is no doubt that he was carried there on a tidal wave of love.  It felt so good to know that there were so many that cared for our sweet little rescue.  Sadly, we had such a short time (less than two years) with our little velcro kitty... but his memory will last forever in our hearts.

There is nothing better than time spent with Grand-loves to help ease the pain of loss.  I spent a part of Saturday at Tyler's final swim meet for the summer.  He had such a good season and improved his time in all of his events over the course of the season.  We are very proud of him!

After his swim meet, I stopped and picked up Mackenzie and Easton and brought them back to the farm for the rest of the weekend.  Four and six-year-olds are nothing if not enthusiastic... which makes spending time with them so much fun!

It takes no coaxing for them to help with chores... they are willing to do just about anything that's needed.

I am always so very proud of my animals when they are in the company of children.  They seem to sense that children are vulnerable... minding their manners and remaining calm and gentle around them.

It helps, as well, that our Grands have all been taught proper behavior when in the company of the animals.

The weekend was filled with typical farm fun...

Lots of gator driving for Easton...

and climbing fences, trees, and running wild for Mackenzie...

There was girl time, spent with Becca and Caroline (they live just down the road.  Their Mama, Anna, helps us around the farm.).  For some reason, the girls all think that they are cousins!  Matching hairdos are always mandatory!  This time a single French braid with big puffs of hydrangeas stuck into it!  They sort of reminded me of Frida Kahlo.

And there was boy time that involved all of the moving vehicles of the farm.  Easton loves to have his "Muppy" follow him in his gator as he shouts commands back to him.  There's no one quite as bossy as a four-year-old!

Even the dogs played enthusiastically... as the weather was cooler this weekend.

One of my fondest times is bedtime... when we read stories together.  Easton and Chester were both enthralled with Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel.

Sunday, We did some garden harvesting... tomatoes and cucumbers galore!

Early Sunday morning, after sun up,

we went on a woodsy adventure... 

with our branch managers...

in search of fungi (and we found lots of beautiful specimens!)

We cleaned the front pasture,

and visited with the pigs who were out there grazing.

It never fails, whenever we have the gator in the front pasture, the pigs love to use the tires for a good butt-scratch.

It's weekends like these that are my favorite.  Time slows down when we are in the company of these little ones.  All cares are put aside and in their place... play and adventuring take precedence.  There is nothing sweeter than the world as seen through the eyes of a child!  

I know, all too well, that these days are fleeting - for children grow up much too quickly.  When they are all grown and no longer here to play with Grammie and Muppy, I know that we will all carry with us wonderful, loving memories of these happy summer days on the farm.


Marsha said…
Looks like you guys had a fun weekend
Lynne said…
Beautiful message/post Beverly!
Carolyn said…
Could you please tell us where the name for Grandpa, "Muppy" came from?
Looks like you had an amazing weekend with your grands! Such a wonderfully blessed way to spend time. We will be leaving in 2 days to move nearer to our 4 littlest loves. So looking forward to building into their lives. Thank you for such a great post to start the week. I missed your post on Frizz. So very sorry as I know the loss well.
Junebug said…
Grands do grow so fast, but I was thrilled that my 18 yr & 16yr old granddaughters had a sleep over this weekend with me. No bedtime reading just lot of gabbing. Still memories being made! I missed the post of losing Grizz. So, so sorry, but one loved kitty!
Marcia LaRue said…
Ah yes ... such a great start to this new week and the first week of August!! You and the Littles do have such great times together and you are both most fortunate to be able to do that!! I think they will enjoy staying with Grammie and Muppy even as they get older!!!
I am curious as to how Hubs ended up with the Muppy handle, too!!
As for the 3 "cousins" and their hairdos ... so cute and far better eyebrows then Frida Kahlo ever had! LOL
Eileen in Fla. said…
The posts with children are always my favorites. You are blessed.
This N That said…
SO glad that the children have their time visiting the farm to tuck away in their memory boxes. xxoo

Margy said…
Oh I so love experiencing your farm through your stories. I just love hearing about the grands!
You're making some wonderful memories with all of your grandkids these days. You're right about how quickly time will pass. So glad you're enjoying such special times with them.....glad your weather cooled off a bit too. Always love seeing and hearing the fun you all had over the weekend. And your pictures are always the greatest!